From SunJan 25 03:51:38 1998

Newsgroups: alt.slack

From: Peter Hipwell <>

Date: SunJan 25 03:51:38 1998 wrote:

>They say people often accuse others of having the faults they

>themselves are most deeply guilty of. For example, only someone with


>>such a flimsy, tenuous grasp of what constitutes quality


>would even use words like " ultimate tip-top best." and "wacky




>Only a FOOL would call alt.slack an "institution," or wish for page

>after page of absolute nonsense in order to lull their senses.


>As for these posts being studied by English Lit students in the 21st



>I quite agree that some of the greatest geniuses in the world post

>here, but I don't think you're one of them.


>Rev. Mary Magdalen



Dear Vacuity,


Sadly I nowadays no longer have as much free time as I would wish in

order to keep up with one of my minor hobbies, pointing out the deep

inadequacies of posters to this group. However, I am glad to say that

you have embarassed yourself to such a degree that I would feel truly

heartless if I did not respond with a patronising, avuncular sort of a

flamette. I am resigned to the fact that subtelty on Usenet is about as

appreciated as cannibalism at Sunday School, and I do try my best to

exaggerate the level of sarcasm and ironic effect I use in my posts so

that even the many well-knnown-to-be-dim Americans that (allegedly) read

this stuff do not become too confused. Sadly, I fear that I cannot quite

reach down to the levels required on occasion, but I hope you will bear

with me as I try to readjust once again. In summary then, duh.



Sa-ti muste vampirii curul!