From Wed Nov 19 03:36:13 1997

Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: An OPEN LETTER to The POPE


Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 11:36:13 GMT


Dear Popeguy;

If you're going to insist on this idiotic anti-birth control policy,

please start a viable space program immediately. Your thoughtless,

irrational drive to force all souls into life (ready or not) is

destructive to the species, the biosphere, and your already shot

credibility; further, it directly illustrates your distrust of God,

because it presumes you know something about "the day and the hour"

that scripture clearly says NO ONE knows.


If, in your depraved depths of hubris and presumption, you can't do

the simple math required to show how you're helping make our world

HELL ON EARTH, then it's time for you to put on simple clothes, and go

stay for a week or two in a one room shack with a family of twelve

somewhere like San Juan or Calcutta or L.A., because you and yours

have lived as pampered princes while everyone else suffers, and for

that reason alone you may assume that no pope since Peter may enter

the kingdom of heaven. That you lie to yourself in no way mitigates

the burden of sin for your hypocrisy, lies to the people of the world,

and theft from them for over 1600 years. You are the living voice of

the roman emperor Constantine and nothing more... a legacy of

political, artistic, emotional, intellectual, and worst of all,

spiritual dominance; no pope has served the will of Jesus since the

Edict of Milan. In fact, you do not believe in God and the teachings

of Jesus, because if you did, you would be VERY FRIGHTENED for your

immortal soul.


I'm keeping my eye on you....