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Dave Lynch wrote:

> > At

> >least guys are _interesting_. I mean, you're in a waiting room. Do you

> >read Esquire or Lady's Home Journal first?


> I think you probably just find men more interesting because you're a

> chick. I generally bring my own books with me to read, just because

> those magazines make me puke from the Pink stench. I mean, they're

> HIDEOUS! They're ALL moronic stereotypes.


I don't find men interesting, I find things they find interesting

interesting, if that makes sense. Look, when I talk with a guy, even a

deep Pink guy, I can talk about politics, the Metric System, British

sitcoms* or anything else. Chicks, most of the time, start to talk

about the intricate dating/dumping scene. I have NO CLUE who hates whom

and why. I really don't know. I can never keep things like this

straight, but ask them "Hey, how about we get Chip and Myra and hang up

these posters in the gym?" and they'll look at you like you're stupid

and explain in horrific detail how someone said hi to Chip in the hall

stole an ancient amulet from Myra's grandfather's tomb. Well, nothing

that interesting, but about that complex.


Actually, I don't like a lot of guys either. People in general are

pretty much annoying and stereotypical at best. It's just that women

humans are more annoying than men humans. There are some interesting

chicks here, as there are interesting guys, and it's nice to be with

some of them sometimes. But when forced to work in a group or to

socialize in another language, guys are better, hands down.


Also, introspection. I don't care for introspection at all. I really

don't like thinking about the Miracle of Life applies to me, how my

heart keeps beating or potassium/sodium pumps or the entire concept of

brains or something, for fear that if I think too much about it it'll

STOP and then I'll be pretty much screwed. Anyway, thinking about one's

own disposition is creepy like that.

> Well, anyway, women's magazines are interesting because of how they're

> always talking about men, and "how to understand what a man really

> wants", and all this stuff, and I always think that's really funny

> because if you want to know what someone thinks about someone, why

> don't you ASK them? Maybe chicks are just used to picking up all

> kinds of subtle signals about each other, but unless they want to fuck

> you they'll pretty much ignore you.


The Messiah sang a song about that, but all the words I can remember

dealt with the fact that he had big balls. Balls the size, if I

remember correctly, of grapefruit. Balls the size of pumpkins. Balls

the size of small dogs. Balls the size of small dogs.


That was sort of the chorus, there.




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