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--> Fuck "Bob." "Bob" never did nothing for me but lead me into trouble

--> or deliver me from good stuff.


Yes, KILL "BOB" FOREVER. I've quit my job for "Bob" - several times - and

slogged through 6 years of more shit than a good Subgenius should ever

order in a French restaurant. Call me "dumbass" as much as you like - if

you want my faith, you better fucking show me a miracle. NOW.


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>Today I saw a picture of the reticular nucleus of the thalamus deactivating

>and and the ventral lateral nucleus activating, right beneath it. People

>knew they were connected, but no one ever saw a picture that showed it

>before. I saw something today that nobody else ever has. I did it before

>with my EEG, but that was easy because nobody looks at chaotic attractors

>as spectral data. This I saw as just plain old blinky lights on functional

>MRI pictures.


>The most likely explanation (reticular deactivation -- reticular is

>inhibitory to the rest of the thalamus -- deactivation means the rest of

>the thalamus activating -- ventral lateral thalamic activation is

>preparatory to motor reponse -- preparing to do something) is that the

>person heard that WEIRD DAMN SOUUND when the MRI fires and they (thalalmic

>control of motor response system) thought JEEZ WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT, I



>Today I saw the middle of someone's brain getting the shit scared out of

>it, and was the first to recognize that this is what it was.


>Henceforth, my name will be on the WHOA, SHIT nucleus of the thalamus.


>I thought it was pretty neat. My boss thought it was something else. She's

>dragging me up to the MRI site 200 miles way on Sunday AM and dragging the

>MRI people in to there lab there then too to show them what I found.


>The best part is I did it with what I know about functional wiring, and

>with the help of an undergrad in pre-med who knows the anatomy real well

>who could tell me WHAT parts it was I was seeing working, and he and I just

>hit this peak experience in understanding, doing science. For all my boss's

>raving, it counts for nothing against the high we got from being the first

>to see it, then work out what it was, and prove we found what everyone

>thought they knew but no one ever saw before.


>And THIS children, THIS is what I got by quiting my job for "Bob".


>Oh ye of little faith: you dumbasses.



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A Furmanski Surge.


Gnarly. Waves ten feet tall in sets, and I look up and it was like

DUDE! Fuckin' FORTY FOOT TUBE! I, like, had a KILLER Furmanski Surge!


Fuckin' car drives into my lane and I about Furmanski Surged

*in my pants!*


A Furmanski that didn't let go for hours.


Coming out of THAT Furmanski Surge, I didn't notice the approaching



TRACTATOR BEAMS! FUCK! My heart beating wildly

and the Furmanski Surge taking over my senses, my foot

slammed the auxiliary-nitro-booster-go-dammit pedal and