From Sun Apr 05 18:54:47 1998

Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: Of kids, guns and anime

From: (da Rev. Lance Boyle)

Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 01:54:47 GMT


Damn the pinks.

Damn the CON.

Damn the severely twisted values they're teaching children nowadays.


I found the news about the shooting spree those two brats in --

Arkansas? Is that where it was? Does it matter which state it took

place in? -- but I wasn't surprised. Nor was I surprised by the

reactions from the local human population. Our local newspaper has a

phone-in-your-loony-opinion column, which is always good for a few

uneasy laughs, and the opinions expressed have fallen into two

categories: "This is the result of not enough gun control" and "This

is the result of too much gun control". Again, this is not

surprising. No less depressing, though.


My main point has to do with a video I bought over the weekend.


One of the best friends I had in this benighted town (Wichita, KS.

Pity me.) was a fellow named Brad. Among other virtues, he had a

*lot* of videos, some of which were quite interesting. A few years

back, I was visiting at his apartment along with some mutual

acquaintances, and he dragged out some X-rated anime. Japanese

animation covers a lot of fascinating subjects, way more than just

Astro Boy. Sometimes they'll throw sex into the violence and mayhem.

The particular story we watched that day was called "Guy". It was a

sci-fi story about two soldiers of fortunes, male and female. They

had to infiltrate a prison planet, and there was a *lot* of sex

involved, and they didn't hide a thing. (I particularly liked the

cutaway view of a guy fucking a gal -- almost exactly like a

sex-manual film.)


I liked the idea of sex in cartoons, and of sex being used to tell a

definite story, which is a lot more than can be said for live-action

porn nowadays. I wanted to see more of this, so I figured that I

would buy a copy of some "adult" anime whenever I got around to it,

preferably this particular stuff I had seen, this "Guy" adventure.


Some years have passed. Brad died of a heart attack three years back

(and I miss him terribly). I finally got around to picking up a copy

of "Guy" at a local Suncoast outlet. I got home, stuffed it in the

VCR and sat down to enjoy.


They'd cut parts out of it. The sex was still there, but the really

graphic shots -- you know the type, she sucks him, he licks her, we

see the dick in the pussy -- that I remembered were gone. I miss the

cutaway view.


But get this: the film is also violent, and the violence is still

there. The detached limbs, the blood, the gore. All there. They

even kept the scene of as pretty girl's head being ripped off. They

didn't cut that stuff out.


Suncoast is after the "family trade", whatever the Hell that is, and

they won't offer stuff that some people would consider bad for

childern. And apparently those people think our little ones shouldn't

be exposed to all that icky sex; but violence is just fine.


This is the message that they're teaching kids nowadays: Sex is bad;

violence is good. Making love to others and having some mutual fun is

bad, but hurting others is good. That's what those two little

monsters, and I'm being very exact with my language here, have learned

so far, and all the gun control or gun safety lessons won't change

that one damn bit.


For myself, all I can say is that I made love to someone today, like

I've done to many other someones. I didn't hit her, and I've never

hit anyone else. Let the Con and its twisted sense of family values

choke on that.


Damn them.


(I made another video purchase at the same time that I'm much more

satisfied with: the recent film "Gettysburg". Make what irony of

that that you will.)