Re: SubLosers Need A BIG CLue!!

Date:13 Jut 1996 15:41:09 GMT (Lou Duchez)

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Stephen Carl Bryant (obnostic wrote:


>After a wonderful week of vacationing with my Christian family, >I get to come back to this tirade of filth and outrageousness from >the Slackers. How joyful it is... NOT! (:-<


Would you kindly stop trying to steal my riff? How can I put it gently you suck at it.


>To Miss Sakamoto: Your form letter was cute to say the most. >Next time try saying something original and leave off posting >something copied from somewhere else. That is, if your mind >is not too messed up from shooting up.


See, this is what I mean. You look like you're trying to be angry and tough, but you just come across as lame. You really should have said something like:


And what was that form Letter supposed to mean? That I shook you're faith in Bob just a little? Thats probalby a good thing, the sooner you find Jesus the better.


See, when you try to do the ANGRY indignant Christian act, you just come across as a pathetic asswipe. Gotta tone it down or people will just laugh at the Christian monkey boy.


To: (John Laviolette)

>PRAISE DOBBS! That was a beautifuL troLL!

>And best of alt: Odel BOUGHT IT!


>What in blazes are you talking about? Aren't you overdue for >your visit to the sanitarium? Do you seriously think I am one of >your SubPerverts? The only conspiracy is to be found in your >misfiring brain cells. They plot for you to spout science-fiction >gibberish.


Not bad. But you forgot the obligatory reference to Jesus.

To: lurchamindspring.coa (lurch)

>Left unopposed, the people that profit from telling people only >what they care to hear, What is wrong with that?! People will >gladly pay to be entertained by performers who have some >quality about them. People need to be reminded that the world >can be bright and happy. They need something to take away the >stress gotten from work. People will not pay to hear ugly ideas, >obnoxious sounds, or tacky sights. They want to see and hear

>beautiful and perfect things. We don't want to hear the voices of >the weird, decadent, and crazy. So obviously the producers of >quality entertainment shoutd profit, and alt others will crumble >and fall away for lack of support. The MAJORITY chooses >what all shall see and hear. That is democracy.


Okay, you're veering off into politics and economics here. You're also leaving yourself wide open for anyone with three functioning brain cells, who will remind you that you're talking entertainment and Lurch is talking about news and factual information.


>Where wouLd your beLoved Baptist ministers go to drink, play pocket

>pool and meet hookers if we tore down our chains of peep and jerk



I'm not even going to qualify this obvoius blasphemy with a comment.


Another mistake. Blasphemy = saying bad things about God, but now you're extending it to ministers as well. See, you're now compromising your faith in the Bible by putting faith in organized religions. Hurts the consistency of the troll.


The misspelling is a nice touch however.


>I feel compelled at this point to ask you what you take down in a >year, I'll let you know when I graduate. Suffice to say, it will be >a whole lot more than a writer or a poet.


Again, you're damaging your Christian riff by moving away from your relationship with Jesus. And by giving a shit about how much money you make, you look just like any other braindead fool who makes work his vocation and religion his hobby. For the troll to succeed, you need to look like you put religion first.


>Like it or not, there are undoubtedly quite a few "slackers" that

>could duplicate your weekly income in a good half-day.

>I'd like to know what planet they're on. They certainly wouldn't >be tolerated in MY America!


Politics vs. Christianity again. And your avowed intolerance makes you look more petty than sincere. Recommend you tone it down.


>Anybody that claims to run a business here and professes love for this

>country and it's systems is either a liar or a moron.

>obvoiusly if you adopted the appropriate mannerisms, and >subjugated your overblown ego to the common good of your >country, you would not have these conflicts.


Again, knock off the politics. If you want to convince people you love Jesus, forget allegiance to the USA.


>How can America proceed to a prosperous future with these >SubStandards nipping at our heels?? Can't anything be done >about them? I would pity them if they weren't so obnoxious >They are a cancer we shall soon cut out.


Sounds WAY too vindictive. Anyone with a lick of sense knows that Jesus wouldn't refer to ANY of His children as "a cancer", so you just come across like a guy who isn't getting any and has to get angry at someone.


>American, if it were not for these Subsickos blocking our

>view of the sun. Don't pay attention to them, don't believe what >they say, and please don't hand them your money!


Pow this part is bee-YOU-tiful! I wish I'd come up with it. Of course, you need to misspell some more words. "Gloroius" is pretty good, but one more misspelling would elevate it to sheer perfection.


Enthusiastic as you seem to be in pretending you're sufficiently stupid to fall for christianity, I humbly request that you leave the trolling to me. I'm simply better at it.