Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: Re: Love & the Subgenius Jihad

From: (Dave Lynch)

Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 14:45:41 GMT


On Fri, 28 Nov 1997 21:29:45 GMT, (MegaLiz) wrote:

>At times, I'm uncomfortable with the HATE THING, but I believe it has

>its purpose. Sure, it feels bad: it's HATE. It takes some getting used

>to. I'm growing a taste for hate, because it beats the hell out of

>self-loathing to put the blame where it so often should be--OVER



>Hate Thy Neighbor NOT Thyself.


OK. I have to admit that I'm not entirely sure what I'm talking about

either when we get right down to hate. It's fairly obvious, I'm sure;

when hate gets put into the equation I get to be a

flibbertebejibbeting idiot. But then, I don't think that anyone,

especially not the so-called "Holocaustals", really has a handle on



Theoretically, it shouldn't be any harder to figure out than this love

thing. But there's a tendency to focus on love, because people think

it's harmless, and ignore hate, because people think it's dangerous.

So what you wind up with are immature versions of love and hate that,

when you get right down to it, are a lot more dangerous than facing up

to reality. Immature hate? Look at that shit over in Denver. BLIND

hatred. Intra-HUMAN racism. Immature love? Most fuck-buddies. I

say that, but it's not even really about fucking at all, or being

buddies. Blind LOVE. I think this is the key word here, BLIND. From

my experience, when people don't know what they're dealing with, they

fill it in with bits and pieces of themselves and their experiences.

If they CAN'T do they, they try to blow it up. All the artsy-fartsy

poetry and cliches aside, it often does make good tactical sense to

try and destroy what you can't understand. Christ, my mind is

drifting big-time.


OK. The important thing, or at least an important thing to remember

about hate is to keep any wounds you make with it precise and clean.

The goal of hate is not to fuck shit up. This doesn't mean it's going

to FEEL GOOD. It's easy to give out some bullshit line about "ethnic

cleansing" and have a bunch of guys dressed in white in charge of

doing the killing. That's just more Conspiracy hypocrisy.


At this point I'd like to talk about the Islamic Jihad. Now, to a lot

of you folks this is the epitome of blind hatred, right? That's

because those folks fuck it up. Big-time. The principle they're

using, or more precisely not using, is important. Now, I'm adapting

this very very loosely, but a Jihad is something you do when other

people steal your Slack. I've heard people say that nobody steals

your Slack unless you let them- this is oversimplistic and leads to

EXACTLY the sort of self-blame you're talking about.


The other thing to keep in mind, though, is that Moslems consider this

the LESSER Jihad, with the GREATER Jihad being an internal struggle.

To take your own personal problems- your self-hatred- and blame it on

the world, when that's not really the cause (sometimes it is, but

quite often it isn't) isn't practicing good hate, IMO. That's what I

would call False Hate, if you hate yourself not because of the

Conspiracy's fucked-up and utterly bizarre expectations for those who

live under its rule, but because of your OWN fucked-up expectations.

The Inner Jihad here would consist of finding out where that comes

from, recognizing it for what it is.


Again, I know that this "hate", "love", all that stuff isn't something

you can CONTROL, and I'm not trying to be naive in that fashion, but

it IS something you can MANIPULATE, and the results will be better

hating, better loving, and other feel-good cliches.


The other thing to realize is that quality hate is not an infinite

quantity. That is, to hate all the time is both a waste and not all

that useful. The best haters are calm, rational, friendly people who

are nice to all their friends and, should you fuck with them, will

kill you before you get to the door.



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