Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: Re: Pastor Craig, quit whining,

From: ManFromGlad@WhiteIsAllright (RevLurch)

Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 02:54:33 GMT (Dave Lynch) wrote:

>On Tue, 18 Nov 1997 10:31:45 GMT, (William Absent)



>>How can He find his true Yeti mate if he hides himself behind some

>>false Facade, tho? I dont pay close enough attn. I guess, but ISNT


>>How else should he be... He is Craig . Not &drew. Not Legume...

>>He Must have SOME Purpose other than being a subject of abuse...


But he's so good at it! But, in fairness, HE DID write (and

repeatedly posts) that marvelous FAQ!


>"Oh, did I kill your dog, rape your sister, and STEAL ALL YOUR FUCKING



Shit, if Craig had the cojones to do ANY of that he'd command a lot

more respect than he's earned with his public, pitiful, just-nutted

lazy-ass hound-on-a-burr howling and moaning at the unreachable

pussy-moon self-re-enforcing self-emasculatory "I'm Ugly and hopeless

in a world fulla female meanies" mewling.


>>My nurdiness is not extreme enough to make me completely

>>undesirable...that isn't stopping me. In fact that's to my benefit...

>> So what's stopping me?


>>No one is interested, that's what


>>It's been 4 or 5 years since I've had a date or been hit on.


>I hear you, man. Women consistently refuse to treat me as a sex

>object. Granted I'm not the world's most social guy, but like you I'm

>not hideously repellent. It's probably that I refuse to farm hair for



Yeah. Wouldn't be much of a future in that, at least based on my

experience. Most of the ones I've "run across" manage just fine on

their own.


>That is, I am consistently unwilling or unable to look like a

>devil. I'm like Christ; people don't believe I have a penis and know

>how to use it. So I just don't care anymore. Why bother? I've still

>got hands, and there are plenty of more important things to be

>concerned about.


Like what? Besides developing ambidexterity, anyway.


>>So I deal with it. Is it whining, I put it to you, to question why


>>am alone?

>>I know people much worse off than craig or I that get dates ALL THE



>Think about WHO they're getting dates WITH.


Why? Is it somehow comforting to think they are beneath contempt and

pinkly whoring themselves because they choose to take their dicks out

of their hands once in a while and fill the odd off-evening with a bit

of bug-eyed debauchery with female RETARDS AND NINCOMPOOPS? HEY! Some

of my BEST FUCKS were nincompoops. Don't knock 'em till you've

bullshitted one of them into believing you were a world-class

Biathalonner and gotten her drunk enough to let you take polaroids of

her with an Indian Headdress on and a feather duster stuck in her



>>I'm doin good here...haven't mentioned it on alt.slack for oh seven

>>months now.


>That's because most of the time it DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER.


It MUST matter, at least to you guys, or you wouldn't be publicly

trying to convince everybody that it DOESN'T. Methinks ya'll doth

protest too much.


> I'm not

>exactly doing phenomenal, but I'm FAR FAR better alone than "paired

>off" with some SLACK-SUCKING PINKCHYK, that's for sure..


Well, as long as you're sure.


are ya?