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Subject: Re: Wow

From: zippo@nuts.nada.nuthin (RevLurch)

Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 14:00:46 GMT


"Rev. Random the Other" <> wrote:

>RevLurch wrote:

> <antifreeze dog-poisoning story snipped>

>a bad name...Then the stories of trash being dumped in her yard by

>passing cars, and how she finally moved away. I was confused for a

>time, but I think it was the picture of the young low income black

>single-mom next to the picture of the shiny-suit & badge cop that did

>it, but that could just be coincidence.


Sounds unlikely. That it was coincidence I mean. Anyway, antifreeze

causes a slow and agonizing death from what I understand. Bits of

crystallized glycerine end up blocking the kidneys and what not, but

it's still widely used by sick cowardly fucks, along with ratbait,

ground glass, etc. I have been tormented by rats ever since I moved

out here, and I hate them the way I hate cat shit on a tuxedo, but I

STILL would not use poison on them, for a lotta reasons, but at least

one of them is that I can't stand the thought of killing any fellow

animals other than a few humans in the most painful and protracted

ways possible.


Anyway, the courts don't offer any proper reddress or satisfaction in

these animal poisoning cases. The important thing is to be able to

stay ANGRY for a year or more. 12 months or so elapsing between

whatever cruelty is inflicted and whatever one does to get even makes

it less likely the events will be connected. I know.


Anyway, we have dogs running loose around here. Dunno what the big

deal is about keeping animals out of your garbage. They make metal

cans with lids and all. Dogs have never been as troublesome as

raccoons for me, anyway. They are pretty clever and determined.




>> We also had clown (no kidding, a real clown) gored to death a few

>> years ago by his pet deer,


>there were any deer. I said "yes, we'll probably see some, there are

>lots here," and she immediately got real tense and watchful. A while

>later I asked her what was up, and she fearfully asked "Do they bite?"


They get pretty pissy during the rutting season, apparently. This was

a 175 lb buck, as I remember. He was still charging and goring the

lifeless and crimson corpse when the EMS people (who had been summoned

by a neighbor), arrived.



>The other time, Pam and me were walking without the hunting dogs but

>with the two others. A big deer goes running off, followed by the two

>dogs. We continued up the path, and got within two feet of a newborn

>who tried to stand up, fell on it's head and said "ERP!" Then, scared,

>front legs still bent, it SPRANG with it's hind legs, did a SOMERSAULT

>right in front of us, and said, loudly and clearly, "EEEP!" Slack!

>If Kaya was with us she would have torn it to pieces. WAY too many

>non-Slack deer incidents in the garden, but I'm building a fence. Orange

>county had 900 reported vehicle-deer-damage claims last year. I didn't

>report MINE, and neither did anyone else I know.


We have beds all over the back of the property and see them just about

every day if we walk around at dusk. But they are whitetails, and

plenty skittish. I have my garden in the middle of a very large open

area and so far they haven't bothered it much. They don't like to get

too far away from the cover. Rabbits and coons are a different stroy.


>> and another killed by a so-called

>> Watch-Goat that he had sadly mistreated. Anyway, these are different

>> stories.


>This must have made the papers here; I remember some 86 yr old fart

>righteously butted to death as he vainly tried to crawl to his porch,

>the goat munching on the 2X4 when the neighbors found him.


Yeah. People said he'd been beating on it and trying to make it mean.


>> Sorry I dunno what dog tastes like.


>I half expected to hear of you and a dozen friends around the perimeter

>of an animal shelter, circling, spiraling closer and closer until the

>hippy volunteers ran off, then closing in with frog-gigs. I dunno why.


I'd never use a gig on anything but a rat. I like dogs. They don't

crawl around in my attic chewing up my wiring, squealing and dropping

mung bean-looking turds all over everything. There's just something

completely wrong about rats. As I've said before, I can't have much

respect for a critter that goes to all sorts of trouble to find a

nice, secure, dry place to make a nest, fills it with soft, fluffy

stuff, then SHITS and PISSES all over it. Guess that's sorta why I

don't have much respect for people. They do the same thing, at least



>It actually reminds me of ANOTHER great NC anecdote, tho, this time up

>in Wake county (who says nothing funny every happens there?) Anyway,

>after the Rodney King incident when it got popular for folks to carry

>video cameras in the hope of fame and cash, a passer-by taped a redneck

>staking out his new rotweiler and "makin' it mean" with a 2X4. He was

>unrepentant in the courts (what's new?), saying that Great Granddaddy

>taught 'em that way, and Granddaddy taught 'em that way, etc, and that

>all the damn liberals comin' here jus' don' GET it Blah Blah Woof Yelp,

>and the JUDGE sentenced him to 100 HOURS community service at the Animal

>Shelter. I mean, the hippy volunteers were PISSED, not to mention

>AFRAID, and went public with their "He showed up aith an axe handle and

>said he'd be GLAD to dispose of the critters for us..." They probably

>felt like California feels when Florida sentences it's RAPISTS to go

>live on THAT coast.


Ah well, if his Rott is anything like mine were, he may not get away

with if forever, and they don't give a hoot for doling out community

service when they finally get fed up. Here's hopin, anyway.