Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: Wow

From: (Lou Duchez)

Date: 20 Nov 1997 13:13:01 GMT


Wow, I haven't posted to alt.slack in, what, 10 days ... this makes maybe

the seventh post I've made in all of November ... and youse guys still

argue about me. Guess I'm not the most stubborn arguer on all of

alt.slack, eh, Tarla?


I'm still amazed that you're all so mad at me for simply stating a very

simple truth -- that confessing to crimes generally attracts cops like

flies on shit -- when any one of you could have pointed this out to Tarla

long ago and saved her ass. I know I tried (and failed) to persuade back

in 95, but maybe I have this whole "responsibility to friends" thing

wrong. Maybe I have this whole "responsibility to society" thing wrong

too, where you try to stand up to at least one thing you don't like about

the Con. Maybe the most important thing really is to be mildly funny in

the face of life-destroying evils. Really, the Con *will* go away if you

just ignore the hard choices it forces you to make. And shame on me for

acting like the Con is as real as tobacco or SWAT teams or hunger in the

world's richest country.


Face facts. If you're a SubGenius, then by definition you oppose the

Con. So either oppose it or shut the hell up. Dobbs knows, if *I* can

find real-life ways to saw into the Con, you can too, since you're all so

much smarter and hepper and with-it-er and Christian-hating-er than I.

Unless, of course, it's all posturing.


If it walks like a Dupe and acts like a Dupe ...