Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: Re: Death of The Church of the SubGenius

From: (Dave Lynch)

Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 01:12:47 GMT


On Tue, 11 Nov 1997 15:53:08 -0500, "J. Demko" <>


> Yeah, I first ran into all this back in the early 80's too. Things were

>more subversive and less ritualized then. The thing that caused the

>Church to really take off (i.e. the internet) is also the primary reason

>it has become what it is now. I guess once anything becomes just another

>part of popkulture, it loses whatever its original purpose and value

>were. Rap music once expressed rage, now it sells fast food. Jack

>Kerouac is a curio. "Hippie" clothes are on sale at a mall near you.

>Coming soon: Ivan Stang and "Bob" in a McDonald's commercial (SubG toys

>in every Happy Meal). Oh well, fuck 'em. Oh...and fuck you and fuck me,



Here we come to the bottom of your complaint, and why any philsosophy

you latch onto is bound to fail you. In fact the thing you are averse

to is popularity itself; you seek things for their novelty rather than

for their functionality. I can imagine the horror on your face is you

found the Church actually serving a function rather than being some

"underground" "art thing" and an excuse to act weird. We're STILL an

excuse to act weird, but because we aren't acting weird in popular

ways, we're called "sell-outs". Because the Church makes money, it's

accused of becoming commodified. Hellfire, boy, the Church was a

commodity in the FIRST PLACE! It's SUPPOSED to be rich and famous and

popular. You think the stuff about wanting money is some sort of

JOKE? Yes, we've become HEAVILY ritualized. That was part of the

point as well: To form rituals. The launching of the head of the

world cup golfer, the prairie squids, the killing of "Bob"- all are

fundamentally absurd rituals that nevertheless serve IMPORTANT

ECCLESIASTICAL FUNCTIONS. We ARE a part of the Conspiracy, and always

were- but we're the part that YOU NEED. We are the EXIT ROOM of the

Conspiracy. No, we don't give you somewhere to go- that bit's already

there. We are the MEANS OF TRANSPORTATION, and to get your ticket,

all you need is that $30. How the HELL could we ferry people away

from the Black Iron Prison if we didn't employ "INSIDE MEN"? Now,

kill me.



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