(MegaLiz) wrote:

> (Sister Pammy of the Soil) wrote:


>: It is way harder for me to watch my brilliant but SCREAMING PINK

>: SISTERS do their same old same old without a chance of interrupting

>: it.


>WHOA. Sis Pammy has SISTERS. I was hopping maybe YOU could tell me

>what to do with MINE! My sister is the absolutely most latent

>SubGenius I have yet to encounter. The Rev would disagree. The Rev

>would be WRONG. The pinkness acts on her like a DISEASE, and her yeti

>half is the only thing that keeps her alive besides the drugs, of

>course. She has hate that makes mine look like a pale little

>reflection of a puddle of cold drool. She minces on a vulgar and

>hilarious tightrope over her insanity. Every time I think she's

>finally teetered off, she waves up at me and says, "Fuck you!" before

>she scrambles back up and pokes me in the eyes.


>Too bad she won't read any of the Church Stuff. She won't read it

>because every time she sees the word "cunt" in print she has a




She wouldn't be a FEMINIST like my older sister, now would she? Actually my Sister Numero Uno has latent yeti genes, passed on in full measure to my younger niece. But sister dear is wound so tight with anger at mysogynist/homophobic/corporate/racist/environmental degradation that it's a wonder she doesn't split a seam and kill somebody. She also does the whole writer/poet emotive angst thing so well it will kill HER someday. Add to all that a megadose of hypochondria, paranoia and parental guilt. AIIIIEEEEE!!!!!

Sisters can be so scary! To think that this adult grew from that cross-eyed three-year-old who read me my first book ever!


I wish I could tell you how to dig through the pink shell and get at the meaty bits. I wish YOU could tell ME! My sister runs thick with latent anger, too, and would also go absolutely nonlinear over the posts I laugh at every day (laugh till I cry, laugh to keep from crying, laughin and cryin you know, it's the same release...). What I don't know how to get through to my sister is that PLEASURE could rule but all the pain she's into just breeds more of itself every time she tries to squirm away from it. She doesn't know how to kill it, or even seriously inconvenience it, because she refuses to fight emotion with logic. She just keeps fighting emotion with emotion, thinking they're different emotions and so it should work, when really they're just the different reflections of the same thing.


I also have to stand pretty separate from my family most of the time, because they all do the pain and helplessness thing really well, and I have to be careful to keep the big vortex they create from sucking me in too.


Sister Pammy--not full of ideas on the subject, unfortunately