Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: New Parrot

From: (axel heyst)

Date: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 08:36:17 -0600


Later on today I'm gonna take a trip to adopt a Double-yellowheaded

Amazon parrot whose owner is dying. The parrot's name is Crosby and she is

seven years-old. I've had birds for years, and even though I swore I

wouldn't get anymore pets I'm almost certainly gonna take this one if her

caretaker thinks I'm suitable. If I can't take her Crosby will probably end

up as a breeder bird, in which case, if things work out well, she'll have a

long and productive life with a loving mate in a healthy environment.

Her owner has already said goodbye to her and I gotta say that's one

scene I was happy to have missed. Parrots are extremely intelligent and

have been known to grieve for their lost owners for years. If I get Crosby

I will make a vow to provide for her the happiest and most entertaining

home she could want. I'm lucky enough to be able to spend lots of time with

my pets and give them the best care that they can get. Crosby will never

have a day that she doesn't get to come out and play, and have some fun

food, and listen to Mozart, and get some beautiful Colorado sunshine. At

least once a week or so I get pizza for my guys and they love that as much

as any humans do. If I'm feelin' lively we even dance!

I used to think that I could save the world's animals-growing up

showed me just how impossible a task that was. I'm long past the point of

really giving much of a shit about people but the animal thing just won't

go away. To this day I cry if I hear Yes' "Don't Kill the Whales". It's

kind of pathetic but there it is.

So if Crosby likes me I guess that's gonna be another mouth to feed

here at Chez Axel.I should add that for those unfamiliar with pet birds,

almost all of them are bred in captivity these days, and Crosby most

certainly was captive-bred. She would last about ten minutes in a

rainforest environment. With proper care and nutrition and so forth, Crosby

should live at least another thirty years or so, and maybe alot longer.

So I hope no matter what things work out for Crosby.


axel heyst