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Subject: Re: Pastor Craig, quit whining, you git.

From: (Nully Fydyan)

Date: 18 Nov 97 22:52:03 GMT


In article <>, wrote:

> On 18 Nov 1997 06:12:12 GMT, (Pastor Craig) wrote:


> ><Loompt!>

> >Being Ugly, one of the compensations is that "beautiful" girls

> >find me non-threatening so they want to be my FRIEND so they want

> >to share their thoughts and feelings with me. Of course this

> >never leads to fucking.

> >

> Ok then dude do what I did - fuck her fat friend!


> I mean shitballs I'm ugly and I play bass and I have no job or

> a car - that's four strikes, one more than allowed. All the babes

> that hung around my band were "friends", so I had 'em invite their

> friends and had their friends invite their friends, etc. Call it

> nookie networking. Eventually one of 'em will go for it, one that

> ain't too fat or ugly but one that ain't the primadonna barbie bitch.




Please let this not be the thought processes of the average guy. Please oh



That's it. I'm temporarilly revoking my temporary guy-hood.


I would never get involved with, either just physically or

relationship-wise, with somebody I didn't find attractive. Cause sheit

would know. I don't think unattraction is something that can be hidden,

or that attraction can be faked. And of course I agree with &reux on

this, beauty is different for everyone. For instance, I know play of guys

who get an instant hard-on from Plastic Pamela Lee, but she mostly

disgusts me (or makes me laugh). And I would never sleep with Kate Moss

-- what if she broke? And haven't you ever just suddenly looked at a

friend in a different way? You never noticed before, but suddenly sheit's

beautiful, gorgeous, the object of certain nocturnal musings.


Ugly is as ugly does. And Curt, that post up there, that's just plain ugly.



(temporary chick)



Rev. Nully Fydyan

Church of the Ungendered Yeti


"The demons don't like the cold, and the only way they can keep warm

is by the anxiety of humans. They thrive on our suffering. To them,

midterm time is like a big ole flaming yule-tide log." -- rkb