Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: Re: Apology to Nully Fydyan

From: (Nully Fydyan)

Date: 21 Nov 97 20:14:59 GMT


In article <>,

(CrazyCurt) wrote:

> In my rantings, ravings and ventings I tend to blindly cut a

> swath of destruction through the audience. Though this is indeed

> appropriate when dealing with rooms full of Nazis and Klansmen, it is

> not appropriate when dealing with fellow SubGeniuses.


Dude. Relax. It's not like this is real or anything. And if you can't

spew hate at your fellow SubGenii without fearing to be misunderstood, at

whom can you unleash you?


> Therefore I conced that I stepped over bounds usually reserved

> for problematic moralists. Through a bit of confusion on my part, and

> the strange damaged/enhanced state of my psyche, I lashed out in a

> most vehemant way towards a popular member of The Church.


Popular. Did you hear that? That's a new one for me.


> Though I have hovered over all SubGenius activities using

> obscurity as my concealment, I admit I am not always up on whatever's

> going on. Through my dark malice and ignorence I have angered and

> upset scores of people in this newsgroup. Apparently I have been

> included in many killfiles due to my vileness.


Funny, I didn't hear anything about this. Are you sure? People don't

usually get killfiled quite that easily around here.


>And though I still

> persist in stating that anything a SubG says is neither true or false

> but something in between or both, I also know a smart SubG will go

> down if he can't whoop 'em.


Yeah, but he'll steal their hidden treasure during the retreat. (Not that

I'm advocating *you* do this, mind. You couldn't even imagine what my

treasure is anyway, let alone where.)


> Apparently I can't smash my way into your cyberclench. Having

> done so many of you now won't even see this post. This is unfortunate

> for those for I have much to offer The Church and alt.slack. Nor can

> I promise to tone down anything else I may spew. It was inevitable

> that when I came out of obscurity I'd step on some toes.


You can do this if you want to. But if you change your behavior because

of what others think about you, or because you're afraid of offending

someone, you're falling into one of the Con's oldest traps. Consider it.

If you really do change, I for one will probably have *less* respect for



> Well to all those toes I've stepped on I apologize.


Why apologize? Do you think what you said was wrong? Did I change your

mind, your attitude, or your views of women? Are you apologizing for

having _offended_ people around here? Are you sure you lurked?



> really just having fun and mean no harm. Just try to keep in mind,

> when referring to future posts and responses from me, that I'm not

> right in the head.


That excuse doesn't work around here. Uh, sorry, I'm not normal. I'm a

SubGenius. My brain is different from most peoples. Have you noticed the

people posting here? And you think _you're_ not right in the head?


>I freak out in crowds unless I'm the one on stage

> for instance. Just ain't right at all. Funny thing is, I LIKE IT!

> So sorry Nully, it was nothing personal, you were just at the

> time a convenient venting device.


Hey, no problem. I thought of something the other day, by the way. You

know those chicks you sleep with? The fat friends of your friends that

you settle for?


Chances are, they're settling for you too.


Feels good, doesn't it?



(permanently ungendered)



Rev. Nully Fydyan

Church of the Ungendered Yeti


"Love rolls out of the chair and wiggles on the floor

Jumps Up

I'm Laughing at Love"

-- Philip Glass/David Byrne