Newsgroups: alt.slack,ok.general,alt.conspiracy

Subject: Re: Tgiving (was Re: More Government Sanctioned Theft)

From: Dale Switzer <>

Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 15:03:59 -0600


Robert Lindsay wrote:

> Oh, come on. You are living in Oklahoma for [generic diety] sake!

> A state created out of the last land grab (at least for statehood) in

> US history. If a bunch of Indians moved into your house and sent you packing,

> would you buy that line fron their decendents 99 years later?



Yes, No one is responsible for any actions except their own. I am no

more responsible for the land run of 1887 (or whenever) than some some

southerners are responsible for their ancestors drafting my poor

German-speaking dirt-farming great-great grandfather into the

Confederate army to be starved at Vicksburg.


Besides I am a descendent of both the draftee and drafters.


And should I also hold it against all descendents of Reconstruction Era

Radical Republicans that their ancestors denied my ancestor the right to

own land for the next 20 years?


And I could go on. I should blame all Italians, French, and other

European powers who successfully kept the German republics poor for

centuries and drove my great--- grandfather to leave and come here.


This could go on ad infinitum.


Spare me the collective guilt nonsense. To quote Hannah Arendt's

"Eichmann in Jerusalem" -- "Where everyone is guilty, no one is".


Dale Switzer