Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: Pink Clones

From: (David S. Tanstaafl)

Date: 9 Jan 98 15:53:08 GMT


Here they go again, finding new ways to reproduce themselves as if there

weren't enuf already! It makes sense that they are making the jump from

sheep to humans emotionally they're the same. At least that dope Dr Seed

won't have hatched one before X-Day! Now if he were to clone Subs that

would be great imagine an army of Stangs inundating the cities of the world

with those artful rants or an army of Legumes, on second thought let's not

better yet an army of Papa Joe Mamas. Terrifying yet inspiring. But it

won't happen the Pinks will profligate and overwhelm this world with

genetically mundane clones whatever diversity could have been had will be

lost to the clones. What humans will want to share their genes with a mate

when they can have an exact copy of themselves ?!? the ultimate EGOtism

eventually the human gene pool will be become even more of a stagnant

cesspool of a an evolutionary dead end than it allready is.It would be a

truly SLACKLESS world of endlessly repeating copies of feeble PINK clones.

they will isolate the YETI genes and breed it out making a race of sponge

brained robots that will consume and produce in ever continuous spiral of

SLACKless CON programming.the saps wouldn't even know what they were

missing AAARRRGH I can't stand it!! Wait ... a redeeming factor! How will

the sanctimonious Christian R-T-Lers handle this? on the one hand it is

life on the it is an "ABOMINATION" against their wrathfull GOD of love or

is that loving GOD of wrath. this might just be the entertainment I've

been waiting for to pass the days to x-day away.