(fwd) Pave-day is coming

 Author:Joel Rubin


Date: 1998/06/08



>From: atlantadriver@radiolink.net (AGTRP)

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> Do you believe in fate? Do you believe we are nearing the end? Do

> you believe in the coming of a day when the sky roils with smoke and

> the Hyper-Cars are screaming around a perferctly covered asphalt planet?

> Every tree and lake paved over, a competely smooth paved surface?

> Have faith, my friend, that day is near. If you are a Driver and

> look forward to this day, then you are already familiar with the

> joys provided by pure speed. There are others among us though who

> have not yet made their peace with their future. As you know, as

> ugly a situation as it is, there will always be two types of people

> to inhabit this Earth. There are Drivers and then there are Pit Slaves.

> As anyone who has read The Plan knows, a limited amount of space

> will be hollowed out below our dark and shiny black surface to be

> occupied by those that are on The List, their role to be Pit Slaves

> and serve the needs of the Drivers. Not that one cannot have an

> honorable existance after Pave-Day as a Pit Slave graciously serving

> the Drivers but it is not the glorious destiny reserved for true

> Masters Of The Road. Are you on The List? Do you deserve to be?

> Pit Slaves deserve to be underground, not to see the light of day.

> Their pain after Pave-Day will be multiplied, so sayeth the Great

> Driver. Yes, my friends, Pave-Day is near. All the signs and prophecies

> are coming true before our very eyes. One cannot deny fate and

> destiny in the light of such undeniable facts.

> Do not think you will just put a metal plate over the hole and keep

> driving when Pave-Day comes. It is not as easy as that. Even now

> we see signs that Pave-Day comes near. Nuclear bombs are exploding

> five at a time and those are forces that once released cannot be

> put back in the bottle.

> Drivers, please do be fearful. All around you are the signs of the

> five being revealed. 5-5-1998 passed with only a mild vibration

> relatively speaking. The question remains as to whether any extroidanary

> Gamma Rays were generated or not. Perhaps there was some activity

> similar to what happened on December 14th, 1997 and we just didn't

> detect it.

> There have been all the signs as predicted in The Plan that show

> that Pave-Day is upon us. We have had fires most recently down in

> Mexico that are clearly connected to the rising level of violence

> that can be seen everywhere. Just look at the nightly news, they

> tell you the crime stats are falling while yet, in our nation's

> capital Washington, D.C. which is the home and center of Liberty

> and Freedom to the entire world the very streets are filled with

> murderous thugs and villians of all types.

> But have faith my friend, Pave-Day is at hand and there will be

> a Hard Rain which will clean our streets. Indeed, clean our world.

> Only those whose hearts are pure, who have not given in to the

> violence will Drive after that wonderful and glorious day that

> will forever go down as Pave-Day.

> Our technology is strong and we learn more and more about asphalt

> everyday. The sky will be filled with black, oily smoke and there

> will not be a tree to be found above the surface. Just loud and

> extremely fast Hyper-Cars.

> There have been many signs. Cheever Fever, Car 51 wins the Indy

> 500. Is it just a coincedence. Only the foolish and truly blind

> would say so. Who can deny these unmistakable signs in the light

> of such undeniable proof?

> Yet there are those among us who do not believe. They cling to

> the old ways like it was a life raft that will keep them afloat

> when the Hard Rain comes. They refuse to see the truth even though

> they have been warned time and time again.

> They expect to maintain total security. They fail to realize that

> when Pave-Day comes this will no longer be possible and to expect

> it is to invite disaster. Now is the time to repent. If you hope

> to enjoy the Bovine sacrements after Pave-Day, and not toil day

> after day underground as a Pit Slave, you must repent.

> There are 23 pairs of chromosomes in the human DNA. 2+3=5. This

> is not hard. The truth is right there in front of us. The

> fifth element must now be found. We must be prepared for any

> situation. We must be on guard like never before.

> Although, 5-5-1998 may have passed with only a minimal shift

> along the critical fault lines it has left us at the brink. We

> must now take a step back.

> Sunspot activity is increasing. The rowers keep on rowing, the

> danger must be growing. Paving is at an all-time high. Each

> year this is less and less green on the planet. Pave-Day will

> bring victory. Drivers everywhere should welcome this day but

> it is critical in these end times to not take any action which

> could upset the critical balance. The tipping point must not

> be rushed. The Plan does not specify an exact date for Pave-Day

> but the signs make it clearer that we are very close.

> Do you take your destiny as a Driver seriously or are you

> ambivilent about becoming a Pit Slave when Pave-Day arrives with

> all it's associated glory? Choose now. And choose wisely. Because

> once Pave-Day is here there will be no turning back.

> Drive on with the knowledge that if one Driver is threatened,

> all Drivers threatened. If such threat is allowed who would

> step forward and change places with the one that is threatened.

> If the freedom of one Driver on the streets is challenged, then

> the freedom of all Drivers are threatened. Those that will become

> Pit Slaves choose thier future now. Pave-Day is on the horizon,

> which road you take at this intersection will determine your fate.

> THE CREED (tm) of the PAVERS (traditional version)

> --------------------------------------------------


> We believe in a completely Paved Earth.


> Earth is cursed with trees, shrubs, grass,

> and scurrying creatures. With every breath

> We act to right this terrible wrong.


> We believe in The Plan (tm).


> The Plan (tm) is the final word; it brings us

> the knowledge of the twin pleasures:

> Speed and Convenience.


> We believe food should be enjoyed.


> "Nutrition" is an aberration of human nature.

> The juicy Burger and hearty Beer are Our sacrament.


> We believe in the Depletion of scarce natural resources.


> Some see the vessel as half full; others see it as

> half-empty; We pour it out on the floor and laugh.


> We believe in a sky roiling with Smog.


> The color blue should appear nowhere but the paint

> on Our HyperCars (tm).


>Driver #1







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