Charlie Is Ashamed--WAS: Re: Nuts and Chocolate: MY FUCKING COMPLAINT

Author:(Popess Lilith von Fraumench)





In article <>, wrote:

:OH GREAT! Here we are talking about adult stuff...

:when your KIDS are right there in the sig. line ..

:I'm so ashamed..


As you well SHOULD be, Charlie! As you well should be, indeed! And I will

remind you, sir, that I had NEVER seen an ill-dignified prairie squid in my

life, UNTIL the day I met you. That poor thing was broken! How can you

break something that *has no bones*, Charlie?!? What did you DO to it, and

why didn't you at least have the dignity to eat it afterwards?


And the DEBEAKING...! You're supposed to pull them out, not PUSH THEM

DEEPER IN. Not to mention the ?BURN MARKS? around the orifice and the

piercing on the end of each tentacle? Finally--and I hope you take this as

an important lesson in handling prairie squids--you never corset someone

down for the first time more than four inches, no matter how good and tight

it gets. If it's too tight and the squid isn't used to it, when it squirts

ink it'll back up and blow its top off. There's a few people who think

that's attractive, but even in this Church the perverts who like blown-up

squid are a puny minority.






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