Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: PMS for the Devil

From: e/ (Trolling Bears)

Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 13:01:04 GMT


PMS for the Devil


Please allow me to introduce myself,

I'm The Reverend Mutha Star,

I've been a Sub for a long long time,

Whipped many a mean would-be Czar.


I was 'round when Ivan Stang,

Had his moment of gout and mange,

Made damn sure Doc. Legume,

Washed his fur and cleaned his cage.


Pleased to fleece you!

Hope you grasped our game!

But what's troubling you,

Is our Nostrodamus fame.


I looked around, things were sinister,

And I saw it was high time for Slack,

Called the Subgenius ministers,

Alien strangers, Men in Black.


I rode with Bob,

Smoked an old corncob,

When the end-times raged,

And the Pinks were caged.


Pleased to beat you!

Hope you gasped in pain!

Ahh... but what's puzzling you,

Is just the suture in your brain.


I watched with glee,

While young Timothy,

Took a sharp steel blade,

For the flames he made.


I shouted out:

"Who'll kill this Bobbie please?"

When after all,

It was up to me!


Let me please introduce myself,

I'm a gal of stealth not haste,

And I make snacks of troubled bears,

Who get skinned before they reach X-day.


Pleased to eat you!

Roast you in gas flame!

Ahh... but what's sizzling new,

Is my Subnatural restraint...


Just as every glorp is an imbecile,

Or small Discordian saint,

As Bob is Dobbs, just call me Mutha Star,

Cos you're in need of some new paint.


So if you meet me, have some Subtlety,

Have Subgenius, and Subtaste,

Lose all your rote-learned knowledge now,

Education, gone to waste, oh yeah!


Pleased to meet you!

Though you grasped in vain!

Ahh... but what's muzzling you,

Is just the nostrum of the tame.


Woo, woo etc...


(C) 1998 Stolen Runes Inc.