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Subject: This an attempt to collect a debt (was Re: SPAM KILLERS! Please take note:)

From: (MegaLiz)

Date: Wed, 03 Dec 1997 11:24:32 GMT (Michael Townsend) wrote:

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: (ICEKNIFE) wrote:


: --> A phone mic from Radio-Shit costs about $5. GET ONE PLEASE!!!

: -->

: --> Some of these anti-spam phonecalls are PRICELESS, and to be SHARED.


: This is a truly healthy subgenius activity!

: So do what he says, or, um, he might start crying.

Why WAIT for a call? MAKE some calls!



D: This is Dale, how may I help you?

M: Hi there, Dale. Are you okay?

D: Um...I'm okay. What can I do for you?

M: You have my account number...

D: Yes.

M: ....because I punched it in and I wasnt' sure if...

D: Yes. The balance is $300.

M: Dale, I never owed you that money. It's all been a big...This IS a

collection agency, right?

D: That's right.

M: Because is doesn't say on the letters that this is actually a

collection agency...Dale, do you like your job? Are you HAPPY in

your work there?

D: I--

M: Oh! I know you can't answer that. You're probably being taped right

now. But maybe we could work out a code--

D: I can't discuss that.

M: I understand. But you know something, Dale? I'm not lying to you.

Do people lie to you a lot?

D: Well--

M: Because I wouldn't lie to you. I really don't owe that money. I

gave the stuff back BEFORE I started getting all these nasty

letters. And you know what, Dale? When those letters come, I CRY. I

really do.

D: I'm sorry, but--

M: It's worse than that, Dale, much worse. When I cry I flood our

sister galaxy with...deluges...of flooding and...and little alien

people get really wet and everything.

D: Ma'am, I'm going to have to get--

M: I need you, Dale.


M: I need your help, here. You might feel better about your job if you

did this ONE THING. If you cut me some SLACK. Believe in me, Dale,

it's important. I AM that one person who is telling you the truth.

I'm that person they told you about in the SEMINAR.

D: MA'AM, if you could send us a receipt for the equipment--

M: I did that last month, Dale. It didn't help. I'm still getting the

most AWFUL mail from you. It's up to YOU to help me. Erase me,

Dale, please.

D: I need verification--

M: THIS is your verification, Dale. You know it's the right thing to

do. I'll call you tommorow to see if it's done.

D: No--

M: YES. Think of all those alien babies, Dale. They're depending on






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