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Subject: Re: Populism Vs. Elitism

From: (Grantland)

Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 18:24:30 GMT


"Rev. Random the Other" <> wrote:

Well revRand, I really liked the first part Utter Truth passionate





From Tue Jun 02 01:24:33 1998

Newsgroups: alt.politics.jaffo,misc.misc,alt.slack,talk.politics.libertarian

Subject: Re: Populism Vs. Elitism

From: Pee Kitty <>

Date: 02 Jun 1998 04:24:33 EDT


In alt.slack Rev. Random the Other <> wrote:


> "They don't know what Slack is (they can't know, even if you

> explain it to them), but they know that you are actually

> ENJOYING your life to some degree, and they find that

> incomprehensible. A Pink can enjoy a situation, or a

> vacation, but not LIFE itself..."

> - Purple Kitty (He's BAAAACK!)


Wow...I said that. I remember saying that.


I feel drugged. I feel like I've lost my Slack, forgotten how to reach out

and draw it in. I've had no Slack for many, many months now. I've been

sucked down to a nadir, down to the pinkest voids of the Luck Plane and

left there, pressed against the walls/floors for time eternal, until I

just got used to it.


Now I'm looking around, and realizing that the gravity well was all in my

mind, and walking around the plane. And I know that I should get my Slack

back, but it feels like the instinct has I've lost the beast

and become docile.


I needed a pep gave one. Not to me, but I'll take what I can

get. And I remember...hazily, but true, how I felt when I wrote that. How

I had the Slack, as much as I wanted, whenever I wanted it. How I could

just pull it in, under ANY situation, pull in whatever I needed or

whatever I could get, whichever was more.


It's starting to come back to me...


The feeling is starting to return to my numbed body. The spark is slowly

flaring out into a bit of warmth. I've got to keep it burning.


All it takes is enjoying life. Doing what it takes to be happy, and not

BULLSHIT happy like getting a promotion or even a big paycheck bonus

(though that's nothing to sneer at), but being HAPPY...including finding

the Slack in any situation, even if that means turning the situaton into a

different one. Finding the Slack in LIFE. What good is it toiling away day

after day if there's no Slack in it? Slack first, everything second! It

doesn't mean I have to be a shortsighted hedonistic means I've

got to let myself flow on a wave of'll all come back and build

up, the luck will return...the money will come when needed and if not I

can eat fruit at supermarkets for free...


I don't need freedom. I *AM* free. I rule my OWN fucking life. I don't

need freedom from anything. I realize that again. I'm not bound to shit. I

can stay one step ahead of them...ahead of the Con. I can keep my slack,

twist their rules, and control situations to my own advantage. I've done

it before....I've been UNSTOPPABLE before....when the wave of Slack builds

into tidal force, NO ONE CAN STAND IN ITS WAY....


I think I'll be okay.


I may even decide to say a few calm, reserved words at the X-Day podium.

Not too much; I'm very shy, you know....




Rev. Pee Kitty, of the order Malkavian-Dobbsian



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| true to, with a cream pie in one hand and a chainsaw in the other..." |

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