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Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 14:33:07 GMT (MegaLiz) wrote:


>Too bad she won't read any of the Church Stuff. She won't read it

>because every time she sees the word "cunt" in print she has a



How do you resist the urge? I'd be teaching the Pupae a little "only

at home" song using cunt in every sentence, just to see her dance. My

sister has seizures too, but it's because she's epileptic.


Now that I think about it, seizures are one medical problem that

doesn't scare me. I've been dealing with them all my life. My natural

mother was epileptic, and my cousin (as well as my sister). I even had

an epileptic dog; after she got hit by a car. When Calvin the paperboy

used to seize at the Mont, I was about the only one who wasn't freaked

by it. Many tribal peoples believe that seizures are the result of

being touched by God. I tell my sister that it's actually the result

of God feeling you up.





Dammit Jeb, I'm as Amish as the next guy, but if we don't take

out that sub, there won't be a Pennsylvania to go home TO!

--my son, Eric.


Rev. Mutha Tarla Star ://