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Subject: Get some SexHurt NOW !!!

From: (Ragin' Pope Angus)

Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 00:28:52 -0600



I don't know of it is the springtime, mating season or the approaching X-

Day, but there isn't enough LOVE going around. Plenty of hate, finger

pointing and WRONGTHINK. Just what the CONspiracy wants.


Allow me to share a recent communication with you between Rev. Sister

'She Who Must Be Obeyed' and myself. Although we are for a time

separated by 12 time zones, she still makes time from her corporate world

carry on dialog with the your friend and humble narrator.


Read as much as you need and have the kleenex handy. This is a real

woman writing at one end of this. <re: check her music selection> No



Date: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 11:44:50 +0700

From: She Who Must Be Obeyed <>

To: Ragin' Pope Angus<>

Subject: Re: Story-3

She wrote:

It was dark and lonely in the apartment. I was feeling a bit horny, and I

do need the loving attentions of my dear Angus. Unfortunately he called

in this afternoon to inform me that he will not be home until late this

evening, because he's got a business dinner with a couple of colleagues.


I put on Celine Dion's new CD on the player, and move my body in tune to

the music. I swayed my body sensously, and imagine that he's

there watching me. I removed my clothes slowly, starting with my

stockings, imagining his gentle fingers, touching my legs, carressing my

calf, easing the tension with his tender massage. I take off my top and

short skirts, wiggling my behind a bit. I slowly unhooked my bra, and

letting it slithered accross my breasts. I step into the shower, and turn

on the warm water. I arched my back sensously, feeling the water beat

upon my shoulders and back. I took the soap, and gently soaped myself,

all the while imagining Angus with me, imagining his hands upon my body.

I soaped my breasts, cupped them and lick them. I imagine his hands go

slowly down to my tender femininity, soaping it gently, slowly parting

the lips and dove within. I feel myself shuddering with pleasure, I

parted the cheeks of my behind and soaped myself there. I inserted one

soapy fingers within my sweet hole, one finger soon joined by the other.

I feel myself jerking with pleasure.


After the shower, I slowly towelled myself dry, and lay naked on the bed.

The music is playing the theme from the Titanic, and I reach for my big

vibrator. I circled my breasts with in, making them perk up and go hard.

Then I slid it down, and plunged it deep within me. I was so caught up

with the pleasure that I didn't hear the door slowly clicked open.....


Angus continues...

He walked into the apartment put down his bag. He was too tired to put

his laptop in its charger. He looked up as he heard the sound of his She

moaning in the bedroom. A moment later he figured that it wasn't moans

of pain, but of pleasure. He slowly peeked around the corner into the

bedroom and saw her there. She was on her back, sliding a vibrator in

and out of her sweet ass with one hand while she massaged her pussy with

the other hand. He felt his heart start to race at the sight of seeing

her like that.


"So," he thought, "she was too busy to make the sate' tonight, but she

has time to get started without me? She'll just have to be taught a

lesson!" He watched for a while as she worked herself in a frenzy.

She rolled on her side and continued to pleasure herself. He slowly

crept in and reached into one of their boxes and got something. She

closed her eyes tight as she came. He quickly slipped the blindfold over

her eyes and slapped handcuffs on her wrists, fastening them to the

headboard. After her initial surprise, she called out. "Honey, is that

you?" She felt his hands adjust her blindfold and slide down her body,

like a thousand time before, and she knew it was him.


She heard him leave the room for a moment and heard him in the kitchen of

their home. His footsteps grew louder as he came back. She heard the

sound of a glass bowl being set down on the night stand beside their bed.


She felt him take the handcuffs and unlock them from the bed. He raised

her up to her feet and walked her around on the floor to the other side

of the bed. He made her kneel on the floor as he sat down on the bed.

"I see you had time to get started without me this evening," he finally

said to her. She smiled at him and said, "I guess I couldn't help

myself, you had to work late and I thought you'd be there for a few more

hours." She heard him breath deeply then say, "Well, it was still

naughty of you, guess you'll just have to learn some discipline and

restraint." He raised her up and draped her across his lap, her shapely

ass up in the air. She braced herself as she felt his hand raise, then

the smack as his hand came down on her.


After a couple of whacks, her ass tingled. He moved slightly to the

night stand. Her next sensation was him rubbing an icecube across her

hot ass, soothing the heat . . .


{She's turn!}

I feel the coldness of the icecube on my burning ass. I am already wet

and ready with excitement. I feel him rubbing the icecubes between my

cheeks and feel his finger on my sweet hole. I arched my back, with

anticipation. Then he inserted the icecubes inside my wet and hot vip

(very important pussy), I almost jump with the sensation. He inserted

another and another, until I feel so full. He took the K-jelly tube

from the bedside drawer and gently lubes my sweet puckered hole. He

inserted one finger and work it to loosen me up. I started moaning loudly

with the pleasure, then he inserted another finger. Wow, it feels so

good, suddenly he removed the fingers and replace it with his big weapon,

so hard and ready. I feel his hands parting my cheeks and he gently

inserted the tip within my sweet hole. He started to push slowly and I

feel the burning sensation, the sweet pain and pleasure. I feel him go

slowly deeper, until he's buried to the hilt. He cupped my breasts with

his hands, and we move together to the rythm of love. When I am near my

climax, he inserted three fingers inside my VIP and rubbed my sweet

flower bud with his thumb. It drove me over the brink, and I clench my

muscles as the tides wash over me again and again. Then I feel him

exploding with his own, I feel him hot within me. He collapsed upon my

back and hold me tight in his arms.


I whispered in his ears, "I love you, Honey. You're the best." Then we

take a shower together and afterwards, I fixed him some noodles and

spicy tuna. We then watch TV together and fell asleep in each other's



The next morning is a public holiday, so Angus won't be going to the

office. I woke up to his gentle snore, for a moment, I just look at him,

feeling so happy just to have him near. I kiss his eye lids, and give

gentle kisses down to his mouth, and chin. I go down, stopping just to

kiss and suck his sexy nipples, then continue my journey to the big

goal. I lick his big manhood, gently tickling his balls with my tongue.

Then I feel him move and he opens his blue eyes.......

(Your turn!)


Angus writes:

Feeling her warm mouth enveloping me, the only thing I could do at the

moment was to lie back and enjoy the sensation as she worked her magic on

me. Feeling her warm soft body next to mine, I had to have her myself.

I slowly began to sit up, and Shinta just moved with me. "Has the bad

girl last night learned her lesson?" I asked. "Hmmmmm Hmmmmmm," was her

reply, the humming with me in her mouth drove me crazy.

She released me from her mouth and moved up to sit on my lap, lowering

herself on me, her juices and saliva making a wonderful, natural

lubricant. We held each other for a several minutes, she sitting on my

crossed legs, our arms wrapped around each other in a perfect union.

"And you know," Angus said, "you're going to get that treatment every

time you're bad!" Her eyes sparkled, "Do you promise?" she said


With my arms around her, I rubbed my hands up and down her back,

checking for any tensed muscle areas. She had none, having a healthy

sexual appetite has the advantage of lessening body muscle tension that

can lead to cramps.

She let go of Angus and stretched back, resting on her arms, displaying

her magnificent body to Angus. "Baby, you're beautiful." he said as he

looked her up and down. With a free hand, he rubbed the front of her

body, tracing down south to her soft VIP. With his index finger, he

began to rub her as they moved in unison with each other. She moved her

hips in a circular motion, around his shaft which caused Sean to rub her

faster. Soon her circular motions turned into bucking as she started her

climax. After she came, she dropped back all the way on her back. Sean

looked down on his lover and saw the perspiration on her heaving chest.

"Good morning, dearest," he said to her. She looked at him and said,

"Baby, you're not finished yet, why?" Angus said, "It's nothing, men's

bodies just wake up slower than women's in the morning, so we are able to

last longer." She thought for a moment and decided that was a challenge

to her skills. She sat up and pushed Angus down on the bed, flat on his

back. "We'll just see who's awake now" and she immediately took him back

in her mouth, pumping him in rythmm with her mouth and hand, at the base

of his manhood. Within a few minutes, she had Angus crying to the Gods

above as he had his first climax of the day. As the stars faded and he

vision cleared, he looked at his love, who was wiping the wetness from

her lips and he said, "Baby, your're the best."


Ragin' Pope Angus, XXIII

Our Lady of the Blessed Apocolypse

Research Institute of SexHurt