Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: Re: Ivan Stang will suck my fat Samoan dick while you watch

From: (Rev. Ivan Stang)

Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 15:10:05 -0600


In article <>, (Samoan7579) wrote:

 > Scrawny little pee-monkey Ivan Stang, despite the running sores on his palms,

> typed:


> > It's somebody who has been to the X Day Drill. I'll

> >betcha. I'm pretty sure it's not really a Samoan.


> You are wrong, dola-ki-mo-loki-hana-po (ignorant little Texan who pimps

his own

> children to keep his stupid mail order novelty business from collapsing and

> forcing him to shovel dung or work as a mime again). I was not at your stupid

> X-day drill. I was in beautiful Samoa that weekend, floating in my

canoe with

> several unclad Samoan beauties, who served me cool refreshing beverages and

> rubbed coconut oil all over my body to facilitate the tanning process. While

> you and your Ivan Stang fan club were gawking at the pimply asses of your fat

> ugly women-things and wishing that one of them would lower her standards


> to let you touch them, I was romping in the cool blue Samoan surf

> with my 237 supple, golden brown Samoan wives.


> HOWEVER, since you run off at the mouth so much, you skinny little prick,

I and

> my tribe of bigass mean Samoan ass kickers WILL come to your stinking haole

> NewYork this July, and when we get there we will FUCK all of your women, eat

> all all of your food, drink all of your liquor, smoke all of your cheap street

> dope, and burn down your tents. And we WON'T PAY to get in.


> You dirty white shaved rodents think your ''battle of armageddon'' will be

> between the wimpy sexless comp-geeks and the fat ill-tempered bullyboys.


> you knock-kneed little cocksucker, you got another thing coming. We

proud and

> mighty Samoans will fight you BOTH, with our BARE HANDS and FEET, and we'll

> kick ALL of your asses. Then when your saucers arrive, we'll SAUCERJACK them,

> kill all the Xists, load all your bodies aboard, and fly them back to Samoa

> where Moo-la-monna-da-in-a-gadda-da-vida (the god who reaches from the sea to

> fuck up flying saucers and drag them to the bottom of the sea) will fuck

up the

> saucers and drag them to the bottom of the sea. Me and my tribe of bigass mean

> Samoan ass kickers will then pull your bodies from the surf and stomp

them into

> snot. Then we'll snarfle them up into our noses with bamboo tubes and hawrk

> your Snot-remains into the volcano. Then we'll dance around in loincloths

> laughing and wearing the sex goddesses' severed titties on our heads like




Oh-HO!!! The dumb FUCK-SAMOANS finally caught on to my game! Lame asses...

dumb-ass grass-skirt wearing greasy fat homo islanders. His "women" are fat

little boys, you know... to a Samoan, it's the same difference. But that's

beside the point. I find it interesting that it took these savages THIS

LONG to notice how NIMBLY I had diverted the Holocaustian brute dumbassery

into Samoan-race-baiting. This sort of gimmick has worked for my people

since time immemorial. Turn the poebuckers against each other, give 'em

shovels and guns, have 'em build huge prisons for each other. How do you

think the Conspiracy got where IT is.


WOOOO fear, you canoe-fucks are about as likely to make it to Brushwood as

the PIGS, COUNTY LAW, FEDS and CNN are!! Clueless oily suntanned pigmen.

Your islands SUCK. Your womens' titties reach their feet. Hell they reach

MY feet.



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