Rev. Ivan Stang wrote:


> Another drawback is that these songs are all owned by Con companies and

> ASCAP signatorees. Technically, we're supposed to pay ROYALTIES if we use

> these in anything of OURS that could be construed as commercial. Just as we

> got 2 grand out of Sublime for using the Dobbshead on their CD.



WHAT ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? this was a million selling record on a

major label, using the most holy and REGISTERED TRADEMARK, of an

organization that, let's face it, *deserves* and *needs* sick amounts of

cash-- without prior permission or anykind of credit, save a tagged on

shout out to "Bob" at the end of the record. it's no secret that i'm a

big supporter of Fair Use in the widest possible sence of the word when

it comes to Copyright law, but there is a line that can be crossed where

there can be no argument regarding infringment, and the Sublime CD can't

possibly be considered "fair".


of course, this has nothing to do with copyright, but trademark, which

is only use for identifying names and marks in regards to COMMERCE. when

a work of art such as the Dobbshead is trademarked, it is no longer a

work of art, it is an idenifier. Any product therefore, bearing a

Dobbshead can be identified as a product of the Church. Artwork or

personal websites bearing a Dobbshead are not making money from it, and

therefore are not considered infringement. the Sublime CD is making

money. a lot of money. I don't know the figures, but every copy of the

CD would count as a seperate count of infringement. i don't need to look

up the exact figure to know that damages would be well over $2000.

keeping in mind that you wouldn't be suing some little Indie band trying

to get by, but a MONSTROUS, BLOODSUCKING THING. (i believe its



wasn't the Church waiting all this time just for this kind of cash cow

to come along?

couldn't this be THE PERFECT HAMBURGER? big, juicy, and pink in the



> Never thought that I would have to know about such laws, but praise "Bob,"


WHY did you even bother to TRADEMARK the Dobbhead then? if its somehow

"pink" to seek retribution, then why protect "Bob" with pink law in the

first place? Didn't you have to PAY the pinks to register the trademark?

Isn't the ENTIRE POINT of trademark to prevent anyone else from using a

specific symbol or name to identify themselves, and isn't this EXACTLY

what Sublime has done?


th CD itself does not even have the name of the album or band at all but

only the Dobbshead, invoking it as a SYMBOL OF THE BAND. nowhere does it

suggest otherwise.

in fact the only witing on the CD is a COPYRIGHT WARNING. that's right,

because Sublime presented the Dobbshead design(a simple repeated

mirror-image) as their own, and since Warner Bros(or whoever)bought all

their rights, they state that THEY own the copyright to the Dobbshead!!

this is possibly the most blatant and unforgivable violation in my book,

and when you see that every fragentary sample on the record has been

fully credited and "cleared", it is practically a textbook example of

pink hypocrisy. even a simple "Send $1.00 to..." somewhere in fine print

would both make up somewhat for the blasphemy and EASILY get the the

Church $2,000+. BUT NO AMOUNT OF MONEY can make up for the sickening

experience of proudly wearing a Dobbshead somewhere on your person, and

having some HIPPIE ask you where you got the Sublime shirt/hat/pin etc.

Wait till it happens to YOU, dear friends! you'll want your share of the

settlement then! Pain and anguish! i didn't even mention trying to cash

in on "Bob"'s luck shell.


2 GRAND IS GROCEREY MONEY. true, its more money than i've seen in the

past two years from my own ministry, but if somebody was using my sacred

symbols with no kind of attributation or contact info, I'D be in court

even if it bankrupted me, AND IT WOULD.

but before my last cent was gone, the whole world would know whose

symbols were whom, trademark or no, and they'd sure as hell know where

to send their donations!


please say this is some kind of horrible typo. you really meant 2

HUNDRED grand, nay,

2 MILLION grand ($2,000,000,000)! you acutally meant to say that all

copies of this album were recalled, taken from store shelves and the

home of infidels by force, and the new reissue includes not only contact

information for the Church printed on the CD, but also acid-laced

Lik-n-Stik Propaganda, and a squarebound copy of pamphelt #1 contained

in the liner notes, and outtakes from the Janor Device replacing the

thank you track.

And you also forgot to mention how you laced the singer's heroin with

Industrial grade 'Frop, causing his "overdose" (but not before they had

a chance to make another album, a shameless sellout effort, which

ultimely will sell more copies of the album in question, 40oz. to



but please, tell us the whole story. feel free to totally make something

up to save're gonna need the practice ^|


--/ \/ \"

the Ministry of Found Objects