Subject: Re: Boston Devival review (Holocaustals vs Ivangelicals = FRAUD!)

Date: 26 Apr 1998 21:31:22 GMT

From: Bob_Chapman@NOSPAM! (Crazy Bob)

Organization: Brown University, Providence, RI -- USA

Newsgroups: alt.slack

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In article <>, felt like sharing this:

>{kla-chik} Another round in the chamber for an Ivangelical on X-Day.


>Bro. Diddley, are you prepared to offer yourself as a human body shield

>to absorb the pain and brutality that first volley offers. If your do,

>you will see a direct frontal assault by the Holocaustals, charging


>on YOU, while Stang fires up HIS escape saucer. What will his reaction

>be when you turn to him, so see what support and cover fire he is

>offering you?


>What will be going THROUGH your mind as you turn back around as the


>wave of Holocaustals hit you, the first line of defense?


>I'll give you a sneak preview.


>Like that bug on your windshield, the last thing that goes through your

>mind will be your ass as a Holocaustal Louisville Slugger baseball bat

>smacks your body and hobnail boots crush the life from you.


Aiiyeeeeee!! What I just CANNOT understand about this whole

Ivangelical/Holocaustal "rift" is the whole dualism bullshit... DUALISMS

are, in essence, TOOLS of the CON!!! If you truly wish to use the CON

rather than be used by it, you have to recognize these CONvenient LIES

they try to feed us- good vs evil, right vs wrong, black vs white,

holocaustal vs ivangelical... IT'S ALL A SHAM!!!


We're supposed to be SPLITTING OFF from groups, NOT joining IN!!! This

whole HvI anti-schism is nothing but a great BIG HUGE mistake!


I for one REFUSE to take part in this suspiciously GLORPISH behavior!


As such, I am now and quite officially declaring myself an Ivacaustical,

and when the final battle cames I will do everything to subvert the

dualism! I will change sides at random! I will turn more coats than that

factory in Burlington! I will sow chaos! I will offer unintelligence to

BOTH sides! I will SPY on MYSELF!!! I urge EVERYBODY to JOIN me in

SPLITTING off into their OWN faction OF one!!!!!