Newsgroups: alt.politics.jaffo,misc.misc,alt.slack

Subject: Re: Populism Vs. Elitism

From: (Jahweh David Lynch)

Date: Wed, 03 Jun 1998 19:26:42 GMT


Thus spake Andrew S. "Gurk" Damick:

>In alt.politics.jaffo did David Lynch a stately USENET-post decree:


>: But Jeff, we're not JUST a delusionary conspiracy. We're a delusionary

>: conspiracy you can ENJOY. You can relax in the safety of our delusionary

>: conspiracies. People call us perverted, twisted, and insane, but we

>: thoroughly ENJOY what we're doing. That's because we have Slack. You see,

>: Jeff, Slack is not just getting your dick sucked by a beautiful mutant

>: woman. Slack is what allows you to enjoy life even if you AREN'T getting

>: your dick sucked. Slack is what makes it possible to survive in a world

>: rife with Pinkness, idiocy, and meaningless suffering.


>: That's why SubGenii are so great.


>An experiment -- Replace in the above paragraph the following words in

>COLUMN I with those in COLUMN II:


I did, and I got chinese food. Also, are you saying that frat-boys are a

delusionary conspiracy?


Anyway, cheap beer is what allows you to forget how much the world sucks.

Slack is what allows you to remember how much the world doesn't suck.



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