Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: Re: Send my $30?

From: (Sister Pammy of the Soil)

Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 19:57:30 GMT (Mrichmond1) wrote:

> I have felt like a SubGenius all of my life, but didn't know it. I thought I

>was the only thinking person in a world full of doltish, slobbering automatons;

>the only original in a sea of clones; a Bird of Paradise among penguins, so to



I love it!


> So, I'm looking for opinions.


You have definitely come to the right place for that!


> Those of you who are capable of meaningful

>discourse/intercourse, please tell me: Are the descendants of the Yeti truly

>non-social beings, incapable of associating meaningfully even with their own



Quite frankly, and no I'm not saying this deliberately to be spiteful,

I prefer plants to most people. Plants are quiet, beautiful, lovely to

eat or to look at, without all the complications of dealing with one's

fellow two-legs.


>Or is the Church so infested with posturing, blowhard,

>less-than-dingleberries-on-the- asshair-of-the-least-true-disciple-of-Dobbs

>that the real SubGenii are just as lost here as they are in the world of the

>Pinks? Should I give up on what I thought was the last bastion of intelligence

>and free thought in a world festering with Normalcy?


1)The Church or alt.slack? They are not one and the same.

2) If what you're looking for is a group huddle, no I don't think

you'll find that here or anywhere else. What you will find here are

intelligent conversations, awesome rants, nitpicky backbiting,

childish malevolence, and viscious verbal swordplay. I've personally

read some things here that changed my world in ways I much

appreciated. Take what you want from what's offered, but if you don't

find what you need then YOU create it. Instead of complaining that the

service is lousy, serve up something awesome. You obviously write

well, so post rants instead of complaints and see what they generate.





If you want a seat on the pleasure saucers and plan on bringing along

your own slack, then pay, brother, pay! If yu're looking for someone

else to create your life for you then don't bother. The ride is

awesome here, but it ain't free.


Sister Pammy of the Soil