Newsgroups: alt.binaries.slack,alt.slack

Subject: Spam Sonnet

From: (Doktor DynaSoar)

Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 05:30:02 GMT


My entry for the Spam Sonnet page at MIT:


Thy porcine pink doth taste of MSG,

and lie upon my plate exuding juice.

O wond'rous world that brings such treats to me,

I'm thankful that it's pink and not bright puce.


From the can you were untimely ripped,

and sliced and grilled and served to me for lunch.

The hand of hunger on my stomach gripped,

I found I liked it! Yes indeed, a bunch!


O marvelous pop top can of square design,

ooze forth thy meaty goodness, yea, forthwith.

Fill my stomach growling, soothe my mind,

mum mumble wif ma mouf full, ids suth blith.


From up in Minnesota Hormel ships

the finest treat to pass o'er human lips.


Though internetters make its sound a shame,

Sing Spamalleueah! Praise unto your name!



Unit 4, SubGenius Police, Usenet Tactical Units, Mobile (SPUTUM)

SubGenius Tactical Online Message Poster (STOMP) Squadron

This *IS* the Public Relations Department. Got a problem with that?

"Give me a fast modem, for I intend to go in harm's way."