Newsgroups: alt.slack


From: (Sister Pammy of the Soil)

Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 04:36:07 GMT (Sister Pammy of the Soil) wrote:

> (BugSexGirl) wrote:


>> Girls..X-Day is only eight months off. This gives us eight cycles for us

>> to synch-up and bleed in one great technicolor unison. Even if we all have to

>> move into a one bedroom walk-up on the lower east side together, we must all

>> be in heat come X-Day.


>Not a fuckin' chance!!! I need at lest 38 ACRES of space all to myself

>to keep you other life forms from driving me over the edge! You come

>near me with anything like some


>and I'll cut your tentacles of and stuff them down your throat.




>NO WAY, UH UH, NO!!!!!



>SPOTS--my elbows alone take up 10 acres apiece



Uh oh, bad Sister Pammy bite the nice Bug Lady when she really mean to

bite somebody else--the bad old teacher lady who turned yesterday's

exercise class into a group huggie-smuggie session and started telling

us to stretch our "heartstrings". It is too bad--after the first

couple of classes I came out walking six inches off the floor-from

exercise, children, not a frop class. Now I have to kill teacher lady.

Maybe I hug her to death???


Don't worry, Bug Lady, Sister Pammy fix you right up. Sister Pammy

good at this, nice bug, nice bug. Glue, tape--tentacles go right back

on, see? Bug Lady just like new, okay?


You go ahead and have your group bleed-in, Bug Lady. Sister Pammy

stand WAY OVER HERE and we both be fine.