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From: (Spunmonkey)

Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 18:54:27 GMT


On Thu, 27 Nov 1997 11:32:13 -0500, "Rev. Edward Strange"

<> wrote:

>Spunmonkey wrote:


>> On Wed, 26 Nov 1997 18:34:51 -0500, Rabbi <> wrote:


>> >You know, at one point this was a real Subgenius thread of slack

>> >and hatred....... No wonder I hang out with the Holocaustals.....

>> <razor>


>> There is a parable about a Samurai whose Lord was murdered;

>> The Samurai sought out the murderer with the intent of avenging

>> his masters death.

>> The murderer was located and as the Samurai closed in for the

>> kill, the intended victim slapped the Samurai in the face.

>> At this point the Samurai turned and left, leaving the man unharmed.


>> The reason being that the Samurai had been angered, and to kill in

>> anger would have been dishonorable.


>> There is a very practical reason for this type of battle ethic, which

>> is found among true warriors worldwide.


>> There is nothing that weakens a warrior more than anger, and nothing

>> that clouds a warrior's judgement faster than hatred.


>> The holocaustals would do well to consider this.


>> Spunmonkey

> Thank you. I'll be thinking about that while I'm caving your head in.


> Rev. Strange



thank you Ed, you just proved my point.


You are as good an example as any.


if you are ever around a corporate envioronment for any length of

time, you will hear suits spouting a lot of "battlefield" jargon;


like "Lock and Load!!" before making a presentation

Or "Incoming!!" as a decision is being handed down.


if you will notice, the people who use that jargon are never actual

combat veterans. they are invariably wannabes, with fragile egos

that they try to protect with empty bluster and transparent attempts

at intimidation.


you will almost never hear a combat veteran use this type of jargon,

or use gruesome metaphors, because death and brutality have real,

tangible meanings to them, and are not spoken of lightly.


the spurious threats that I've seen come from the holocaustals seems

to originate with the same mental processes that cause spammers to

threaten legal action.


You know they will never follow through with it. They lack the true

resources needed. (I'll let you figure that out)


Those of us who are actually capable of such actions don't waste time

with threats.