Newsgroups: alt.slack,alt.friday

Subject: Re: Friday Just Wants To Clear Things Up

From: (Rev. Ivan Stang)

Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 23:03:31 -0600


In article <>, (IrRev. Friday Jones) wrote:

> For the record: I do NOT want to bring humans along as slaves on the

> saucers. They'll already be enough Bobbies underfoot for such menial

> chores as I may require of them for my own amusement.

> I want to enslave humans RIGHT HERE AND NOW and then KILL THEM ALL just as

> I leave. And leave the lights on. And not lock the door.

> OK?


> Hugs all around,

> Friday



May your "hugs" someday embrace the whole human species!


Humans are one thing that SubGenii CAN'T take onto the saucers. Sorry if

you're married or otherwise very attached to one. Tough break. But too many

soft-hearted SUbGeniuses will try to bring along their pets by calling them

slaves, and it just doesn't work that way.


Pull the lever... down ya go.



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