Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: Re: IT'S ALL A BIG JOKE!!!

From: Steve Slack <>

Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 14:02:12 -0400


D.A. Hatter wrote:

> On July 5th, all this nonsense will be exposed for the BS it is


That's right. Not only this nonsense, but ALL the nonsense in

the world will be exposed. All THEIR sweetness and light, be your-

self and the world will respect you, love is just around the

corner, hard work will be rewarded, individuality is cherished,

someone is looking out for you, the majority decides what is

greatness, peace, justice, brotherhood, equality, freedom, all

THEIR big heaping mountains of BULLSHIT. And all of THEIR

BS is a HELL of a LOT STINKIER than ours.


And after July 5th there will be no more great art. No more

great music, or literature, or theatre, movies, or architecture.

All those things were rendered bland and meaningless by decades

of demographics, committees, and cost effectiveness management.


If art is the 'lubricant' of the planet's soul, then it has

dried up a long time ago. It used to take twenty years for a

good aesthetic to turn a profit, by that time it was rendered

meaningless. 'Dickless' if you will. Remember 'alternative'

music? Pretty damn useless now isn't it? And those hippie

clones sure looked original in 1987, didn't they?


But don't worry. In fact you should be happy! All those


No one will remain who will challenge your concepts of

reality, normality, or conscience.


Mediocrity, ephemeralism, and shallowness will be the rule.

And no one will know the difference because no one will know

any better.


> Good fuckin' riddance.


When your rock and roll becomes as weak, flaccid, and unpalatable

as watery oatmeal, when you can't tell the difference between

WORK and PRISON, when every city becomes JerrySpringerville with

an endless population of violent trendy zombies and no vegetation

and an endless maze of strip malls and vinyl-sided cardboard

condos and OXYGEN becomes a UTILITY, you will stop and think

about US and what we did and said and what we WERE.


The world will keep on spinning. But will it be a world you want

to live in?


So good fucking riddance to you too! CLONE!!