Subject: Re: stroke my potato!!!!!

From: (Dave Lynch)

Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 01:22:06 GMT


On 10 Dec 1997 22:51:13 GMT, "Neill Verreynne" <>


 >Another fucking homo sucking on dicks I presume you scum

>tail gunner no good fucker!!


>Fuck you and your entire sad life!!!


I like you, Neil. Can I call you Neil? GOOD. Neil, I want you to

know this, and I'm quite serious: I wouldn't suck your dick. You can

TRUST me. I know how it is, you know JESUS, and when you accept Jesus

as your friend and secret lover, the world gets a lot more EVIL all of

a sudden. Stuff that used to be like totally ok duh is revealed as


maybe if you call enough people fags they won't even notice that you

cruise the leather bars at night. Maybe if you give that priest

enough money they'll stop talking about you behind closed doors. But

you know what, Neil? You've been lied to AGAIN. Better try door

number three, Neil, because number 2's a waste of time. That pretty

little tableau they set up there- it's a CARDBOARD race car, and you

were better off with the sheep shearing kit. You know what's behind

that race car? You know who Jesus answers to? J.R. "Bob" Dobbs,

that's who. You can try all you like, but there's no getting away

from the sign of the pipe, Neil. And you may mock me now, but

remember, God is NOT mocked, and you ain't even BEGUN to pay what you

got to pay for. See, Neil, if sin is your debt to God, being a Jesus

Freak, it's like sub-contracting out with a loan shark. You say,

Please Mr. Man, I got to gets me into heaven! And Mr. Man, or JHVH,

if you prefer, he says "OK, man. I got a PLAN. I got a SUREFIRE WAY.

All you have to do is TRUST ME." But you know what happens if you do

trust him? HELL! HELL AND DAMNATION, BOY! What good ol' JHVH, the

Dave Rhodes of the gods, don't tell you is that HE INVENTED HELL! Why

do you think only 144,000 get into heaven? Because it's a GODDAMNED

PYRAMID SCHEME OF SOULS! He NEEDS your soul to burn in hell so that

him and all his scofflaw co-conspirators can live "high off the hog".

Oh, sure, he puts Jesus up as collateral on the loan, but JESUS

HISSELF said that he didn't undo the Old Testament: AS YE SOW, SO YE

SHALL REAP. But don't blame Jesus on this one; he was a patsy, just

like Oswald, for too long. He's through with that gig now. But you'd

never hear it to talk to some of these so-called "Christians"!

They're worshipping a Christ they put up in their image, made up of

the memories of past suckers! Hell, boy, if you get "lucky", you

might be the NEXT ONE!

So what you gonna do? How you gonna get out of there?

Refinance your debt! Consolidate your loans! Turn your liabilities

into ASSETS! Acknowledge the power of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs in your life.

Turn your $30 "seed money" into Dobbs' portfolio, and let Dobbs do

what he does best. Because your sins are VALUABLE STUFF, Neil, and

don't you forget it. Oh, sure, on the surface avarice, gluttony,

wrath, may not LOOK like much; hell, you can't even find nobody who'll

appreciate your LUST, the greatest of all the sins. Neil, take my

advice and stop wasting your spunk on disinterested pederasts who want

to dilute the purity of your bodily fluids! Start putting those sins

to GOOD USE! "Bob"'s IPO closes July 5, 1998- don't hesitate! Stop

making your GUILT grist for the mill of alien scam-artists and get on