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Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 00:41:46 GMT (Spunmonkey) wrote:

>Let's compare resumes.

>I'll go first.

>I'm Isreali by birth, the daughter of Jewish-American immigrants.


I was born a poor black child.


>My parents died in front of me when I was 6, in a terrorist bombing.


My parents were both drug addicted hemophiliacs who bled to death in

front of me while shooting up at my only birthday party.


>I was raised in a kibbutz, along with a lot of other orphans,... we

>hated very well.


I was kidnapped (for my beautifully dusky skintones) by an American

oil executive and used as a child prostitute in the streets of



>At 13 I was brutally raped by a Palestinian, I hunted him down and

>killed him.


Then I met J.R. "Bob" Dobbs. After him, all rapes seemed like a sunny

day in the park.


>With the rest of my age group, I swore my oath at Masada,

>and joined the military.


I started "Doxies for Dobbs" and began gathering an arms cache.


>I later served with the Mossad.


Funny...I SERVICED the Mossad!


Cheap bastards...and lousy tippers.





keeps forgetting they lose

their tips when they're 8 days old.


"Eating kittens is just plain...plain WRONG! And no one should

do it ever!- The Tick