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Subject: The Olympics

From: (axel heyst)

Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 00:03:42 -0600


I guess everybody knows by now that this winter's Olympics is getting

the lowest ratings in 32 years. I think that can be partially explained by

the weird time difference involved, but I also think there's more to it

than that. I remember feeling really embarrassed when the last summer

Olympics was on-there was that incredibly schlocky vaselined lens crap that

NBC kept running with sappy music and films of the athletes' home towns and

such, as if everyone didn't know that for the most part even if nine out of

ten of the country's inhabitants (any country) were fucking starving, the

darling athletes would still be living pretty high, relatively.

What really got me was the basketball thing, and how yer average

American seemed to think it was okay that a bunch of professional athletes

whose combined salaries were bigger than the GNPs of some of the countries

they were competing against. Here in Colorado there is a radio talk-show

host named Peter Boyles who had the audacity to question the fairness

aspect of the US basketball players, going as far as to opine that he'd be

pretty happy if Kenya or whatever kicked their asses. Lots of people took

issue with that, although there were some who agreed.

At this point in history it seems to me that maybe even us Americans

are sick of our own superior/world military/economic power shit, and

perhaps that's why the Olympics are being so poorly received. I don't know

for sure, wanted to see what you guys thought. I like to watch the skiing

myself, even though I don't ski anymore (too elitist these days). And apart

from wanting to bone practically all the female skaters, I don't much care

for the rest.

I often wonder what the bi-athalon athletes think about training for

years and years only to get no recognition whatsoever. They covered the

whole fucking event in less than five minutes on CBS. I mean, I know that

the sport is the thing, but still! Michelle Kwan [sp?] is set for life at

age 17-and whoever won the luge or bi-athalon is probably going back to

work at Home Depot or whatever. That's gotta hurt. So what's the deal?


axel heyst


Late Breaking News: seems the US hockey team was acting up in Nagano,

trashing the hotel and whatnot. Yay team!


Some woman in Florida threw her 18 month old kid out of her moving car (on

a freeway) because she said that she would rather the kid not live rather

than being exposed to the pornography put out by THE DISNEY COMPANY. The

kid (gender unknown) is in critical condition. I'm sure the kid's real

grateful for that! Thanks mom!


fuckin a




From Fri Feb 20 00:29:12 1998

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Subject: Re: The Olympics

From: cuthulu <>

Date: 20 Feb 1998 02:29:12 -0600 (axel heyst) writes:


> I guess everybody knows by now that this winter's Olympics is getting

> the lowest ratings in 32 years. I think that can be partially explained by


the facts that


a) figure skating is crap


b) womens hockey is not hockey


c) none of the events, save hockey, are sports (can you say 'pasttime?')



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From Fri Feb 20 09:42:56 1998

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Subject: Re: The Olympics

From: (Nolan Voyde)

Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 17:42:56 GMT (axel heyst) wrote:


> I guess everybody knows by now that this winter's Olympics is getting

>the lowest ratings in 32 years. (Good article snipped...)


You should have been in Atlanta in '96! The Olympics went over with

the locals like a cat turd in a plate of caviar, generally speaking.

Streets blocked at random, business at a standstill, poor people

forced out of their homes, helicopters buzzing neighborhoods at all

hours, rents skyrocketing... on and on...

I went into a drugstore for something once, and saw these teeny little

gold Oly-rings pins for sale, hardly more than a quarter-inch across

on these little black cardboard backings. I leaned close to read the

fine print on the cardboard, and on the bottom in 4-point type they

said "Barcelona 1992".

One of my proudest achievements as host of Bob's Slacktime Funhouse

was two shows I did about the Olympics, from the very heart of Olympic

village, where WREK is located on the Georgia Tech campus. I trashed

them thoroughly, just as you might expect. Who knows how many tapes

of that show got scattered around the world. Speaking of scattering

them, if YOU would like one, Axel, just e-mail me your snail address

and I'll send you my "Olympic Fever" show as a reward for amusing me

with your article. FREE FREE FREE. That's




Rev. Dr. Nolan Voyde

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