Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: Re: The Old Man and the Joke

From: TheCharlie <>

Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 05:05:44 GMT


Sister Pammy of the Soil wrote:

> "Are you going to throw those doughnuts under the counter

> away?" in a sweetly innocent voice. Mrs. Betterthanallofyou was so

> thrown by his obvious social trespass that she gasped, blinked, and

> recovering her manners, politely offered him a doughnut. Random came

> out of the store bearing his prize and said, "Got her!"



Yeah, but did he write down the points?


> on and then followed us down the aisles to "help" us. On the way out

> Random whispered to me, "Got him!"


POINTS! Did he write down the POINTS?!?!?!?!?!

> Sister Reverend Toxic Pammy of the Soil, but you can call me TOX

> keyboardist for Gription Clench, the band, and musical and social

> director for Night "it ain't no joke, Jack" Air


Speaking fo which.. I got the tape in the mail. I don't know if

you guys got my email (I got a bounce the first time and honestly

can't remember if I resent it or not) but I got the tape.


Hey, I LIKE this! it's got a little Metheny feel in some parts..


It is 'mild enough' for the pinks, in a pinch. Yesterday I took

3 of the bigwigs in my car when we went to lunch. I had the tape

playing in the car and at first, they liked it enough.. but they were

wondering why the song went on so long. I told them it wasn't really

a song, per-se.. it was one of those subliminal hypnosis tapes.


Knowing me, they looked at each other nervously and started rolling down

windows and talking RILLY RILLY LOUD and laughing a lot. And loud.

They also looked for other people in the restaurant to ride back with,

but nobody was there. We rode back to the office with a lot of cold

wind, misplaced hairpieces and pink cheeks.


I wrote down the points.