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Subject: Re: Tgiving (was Re: More Government Sanctioned Theft)

From: Dale Switzer <>

Date: Wed, 03 Dec 1997 12:48:59 -0600


E.Holmes wrote:

> Relatives of Pilgrims have their own sins

> of the fathers to atone for.


The only sins I have to atone for are the ones I committed. I'm not

responsible for what someone did who I don't even know, never met, and

have no influence over.


And before you start talking about the sins of the Pilgrims, you might

try getting your colonists straight. The pilgrims and the indians did

not have serious conflict. The indian - colonist fights were mostly

down in Jamestown, which was a secular colony. They were to busy

blaming each other and raiding Pocahontas' Indian village to go to

church or to thank anyone, God or indians.



> Awareness of the evil that was promulgated by European

> settlers is necessary in order for those of good will (you are

> one, I am sure) to move this society toward stopping the evils

> that continue to this day. I am not speaking of trivial things

> such as whether baseball teams use Native symbols, but of real

> actions against real people and against sovereign rights.


Sovreign rights my foot. When Native American tribes start paying for

their own roads, their own protection, their own food, their own medical

and dental care, their own ambassadors. When they give up their

citizenship in the State and United States. When they are stop taking

money from the US treasury, then they will be sovereign nations. Until

then they are only associations dedicated to distributing US tax money

to their members and running bingo games.


> Listen to Joanne Shenandoah's "Once In a Red Moon" album. And

> if you can listen & your heart not break, you have not learned

> what it takes to be Truly Human.



Please, songs don't bother with facts or the truth. They only bring

emotional arguments to bear on facts or arguments which are assumed to

be true. Songs are not arguments, they are simply emotional reflections

of the artists beliefs. The fact that Joanne Shenandoah believes a

certain thing is interesting. But unless she is an authority for some

reason, her beliefs are not logical arguments.


The fact that Ms Shenandoah has a real gift for putting emotion into her

songs is wonderful, but not relevant.



> NA gets screwed

> NA gets screwed

> NA all get screwed again and again and again and still are, &

> don't you think it's time we just STOPPED it?


Maybe the mistreatment stopped when Native Americans became American

citizens with all the rights and responsibilities of American Citizens.


My children inherited some Indian blood from their mother. However,

they do not have a role number since their ancestor did not submit to US

govt registration. But I don't teach them to run around crying "I'm a

victim" I teach them to try to succeed on their own merits.


Why can't American Indians with role numbers do the same?