Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: Give me the gas, please.

From: (Nolan Voyde)

Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 05:49:17 GMT


Gas me, goddammit! Zyklon B, cyanide, mustard, what fuckin'

difference does it make after it's over?! What does it matter how I

die after I'm dead? Fuck it! Doesn't anybody in this world hate me


RIGHT NOW!!!! I give up. All the fucking shithole Nazis and racists

and fascists and totalitarians who call themselves communists and

militia shit-asses and half-assed SubGeniuses and badge-totin' pigs

and corrupt bureaucrats and nit-wit nit-pickers and pickup-driving

half-wits with guns in the window rack and yuppie career-losers, just

GAS me, like you all want to do with all your fucked up cruddy black

hearts and souls that you wear on the soles of your pig-shit-caked

boots, FUCK it, already! People like Wrongthink "Oh, I'm such a

reasonable asshole, won't you join us?". Yeah, slide your

"reasonable", oily shit right by me until you get control and then GAS

me! DO IT, NOW!!! Right, man, I'm a fucking "liberal", so GAS me!!!

All the LIES I've had to educate myself to detect. All the children

who'll grow up never knowing the truth, all of them who will starve

and be brutalized in Indian sweatshops so Americans can have snazzy

carpets, all the Neanderthal hate-mongers who will use any tool and

never stop, relentlessly making money. Fuck you, Kathy Lee Crosby!!!

All the millionaires who get away with dealing crack, molesting

children, committing murder of the soul. CIA heroin smugglers, cut

open another baby and stuff it with junk, MAKE SOME MORE MONEY ON

ANOTHER DEAL, FUCKFACE BASTARDS. Overbreeding monkeys fouling

the water supply into a dioxin/asbestos/plutonium mudhole. No more

wild tigers, no more room to breathe, it's such a goddamn

monkey-filled world of PURE FUCKIN' JOY, ACE!!!! SMELL THE NAPALM AND

THINK OF....VICTORY!!!! Struggle on, you wage-earning family men,

then lie down in your grave and be FORGOTTEN!!! Cheops left a

plundered pyramid that looks like a lumpy heap of rocks, think you can

do any better? What was the point of EXISTING? So you could change

the world? Make it better for some confused, scared, hungry kid? So

you could nourish yourself enough to get through another day by

feeding on the pain and sorrow of others whom you've never personally

met? Is THAT why we're all dragging our tired, ever-aging asses

across this Pink befouled mudball? I thought I could make a

DIFFERENCE!! I thought I could HELP!!! I thought I was a

COMPASSIONATE guy! Ha!!! What I've learned about my fellow mud-men

(that means ALL of us) has only filled me with a bile-soaked HATE that

can never die until I do. GAS ME! In a thousand years from now, will

it MATTER??? GAS ME, FUCKER!!!! Congratulate yourself on your

victory over me because I gave up and gave myself up to the likes of

you Pink monkeys, and then feel CANCER eat your guts until you share

my mass grave, both of us smiling the rictus of death at our mutual

victory over LIFE, ITSELF!!! The pain and misery and sorrow and the

tragedy of existence have poisoned me until I, too, have become

consumed with HATE!!! All-encompassing HATE that burns at my guts

until it swallows me up and I become the enemy!!! I MUST DIE TO SAVE

THE WORLD, AND SO MUST YOU! Kill me, and then die. Take up a cause,

fight and kill and die for it!!! Future generations will laugh at

you, if THEY NOTICE YOU, AT ALL!!! MADNESS!!!! GAS ME!!! Spare me

from false teeth and Alzheimer's. KILL ME!!! It's all I'm good for.

I don't have to fight and kill, everyone I hate will be dead in a

hundred years, anyway!!! Teen-age Halloween pranksters will kick over

our tombstones, and then who'll remember us, huh? Millions have gone

this way without even a kicked-over rock with their name scratched on

it for a memorial!! Think you're special, asshole??? Alexander the

Great is DEAD!!! Napolean is DEAD!!! Ghandi is DEAD!!! John Lennon

is DEAD!!! And still, the struggle for dominance, the struggle for

self-importance, the struggle for FOOD goes on without us, carried on

by people who will all be DEAD!!! Kill a commie/fag/jew/nazi/hindu/

muslim/"Bob"/nigger/cop/Kennedy to advance your CAUSE, your precious,

bleeding, all-important CAUSE, and then suck down that filthy air and

DIE! Oh, I thought I could HELP, I wanted to make things better, my

heart bled for the unfortunate, the starving, the wrongfully

imprisoned, the young who have a chance to do better than we did, but

instead all I learned and all I am is HATE! A warm piece of animated

meat that has learned the hard way that HATE is what this world is all

about, and now that I've faced myself in the thousand-faceted mirror

of TRUTH, I know that it's all HATE, and that HATE has become me, it

IS me!!! Ha ha ha ha! Don't say, "That's just YOUR case, Nolan,

we're better than you". LIES! Face it, EVERYBODY HATES SOMEBODY, and

we ALL need to get the fuck off this planet and leave it to the dumb

animals who know how to live on it without the sadism, wastefulness

and RANCOR we ALL bring to it. GAS ME!!! And when you're done, step

into the "delousing chamber" and do for yourself, too! The rats and

cockroaches that inherit this doomed rock won't care how it came about

that we all disappeared, they won't even care that it happened, at

all!! They'll just go about their business of survival, and NOT GIVE



I'd also like to mention that many generic brands of peanut butter are

better than Skippy or Peter Pan.


Coming soon in this space: Nolan Voyde reincarnated as rabid