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From: (Jim Vandewalker)

Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 12:04:44 -0500


In article <655701$>, (Popess Lilith von Fraumench) wrote:

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{ >In article <>, Peter Hipwell

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{ >{ This reminds me of that one party where this bird followed me round the

{ >{ whole evening, muttering ...

{ >{ occasionally breaking off to hanangue me about the fact that all

{ >{ ill-health is iatrogenic in origin.

{ >

{ >"Iatrogenic". Mmm. I like that word. I think I have iatrogenic gum

{ >disease. "Iatrogenic".


{ Hey Jim--You mean "lactrogenic gum disease". Lay off the nipples.



NO. I DO have iatrogenic gum disease. For the benefit of our moss-teethed

Briddish brethren and sistren, Amurkins are relentlessly propagandized to

go to the dentist twice a year to get their teeth cleaned.


The method of cleaning (scraping the enamel up to and beneath the gum line

with a tiny sharp instrument) itself makes the teeth MORE susceptible to

plaque and tartar build-up by reason of making micro-scratches in the



A couple of years ago these witch-doctors decided that the pus-pockets

around my fangs were too deep. First they tried a "deep scale" which means

basically they laid the gum back with a knife and scraped right down to the

meat, and later when the pus pockets AGAIN developed they sent me to an

oral surgeon, who opened my gums up, routed out PIECES OF MY FLESH with

instruments that Torquemada would have SOLD HIS SOUL for, and installed

what was delicately referred to as "transplant tissue" which is actually

GROUND UP DEAD PEOPLE. No kidding. They put pieces of DEAD MEN'S BONES

inside my gums. Dead women too, maybe.


And now the pus pockets ARE BACK.


I do have a lactogenic disease, but that's just farts caused by lactose




Jim the Prophet

Licensed SubGenius Preacher