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Date: Sun, 05 Jul 1998 22:13:56 GMT


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Pee Kitty <> wrote:


> monet <> spewed forth:

> > Pee Kitty wrote:


> >> When Uni told me yesterday that she was never really into the Church, but

> >> just thought she was, the thought hit me that I'd been living with a

> >> bobbie ths whole time...shock and horror.


Well, it's July 5th, I'm not on a saucer, and all the pink boys are still

walking the earth. Looks like I spent all that money on a worthless church,

just like I figured I did. Shock and horror, alright.



> > Just count your blessings in being out of there before the luck plane

> > does it's swing, and dumps it's krapma on Uni. God hates a quitter--

> > "Bob" fucks with them unmercifully.


> Oh sweet dobbs, you know not of what you speak! For it has begun to

> happen, in DROVES....


> Since Uni left me in that oh-so-fair manner, the luck plane has taken a

> MAJOR shit on her head. In approximate chronological order...


> 1. She lost half her friends.

> 2. She lost her job.

> 3. She got impregnated.

> 4. Her remaining friends left town on an extended roadtrip, leaving her

> carless and alone.

> 5. Alone, friendless, and jobless, she finds out that she's pregnant and

> goes into a depression.

> 6. She discovers that half the bills weren't paid before her friends

> skipped town, and now things are being turned off.

> 7. The person she treated like shit but always ASSUMED would be her friend

> for life just BECAUSE (i.e., me) tells her where she can stick it.

> 8. Her parents find out about the abortion and freakout on her ass.

> 9. (Forthcoming) She has to take a Greyhound out of town to move in with

> the guy who knocked her up until she can abort it.


All of this happened in the space of five days. And THANK YOU, Jason, for

sharing it with my parents, and now the world. The luck plane don't got

nuthin to do with my streak of unhappiness. About 95% of it has to do with

you, as usual.



> I'd like to point out that, Bobbie or not, while she was still worshipping

> at "Bob"'s holy altar with yours truly, her luck kept flowing in nonstop

> and there was enough money and fun times for her to spare.


Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. I rarely had a good time in the year and a half

I wasted with you, except of course, when I was out with other people and

left your boring ass at home. And there wasn't much money, to spend or to

spare. We were always broke, if I remember correctly.



> LET THIS BE A LESSON TO ALL OF YOU: Our "Bob" is a jealous "Bob", and he

> WILL tilt the luck plane's toilet over your head if you fuck with him, OR

> with one of his high priests!


Yeah, let me tell you, since I left Florida, I've been SOOOOO unhappy. No,

really. I've been considering suicide once every 2.5 seconds. Actually, the

hand that was clenched around my heart the entire time I lived there finally

let go when the Greyhound pulled into Georgia. I've never been happier. I'll

spare all of you the details, since my lovely ex has chosen to further my

unhappiness by turning what few of you were my friends against me. Again,

Jason... thanks.



> > And don't worry about meeting her again--she will run away terrified--

> > for no apparent reason.


I'm the one who deserves to be pissed. The chances of me ever being in the

same place at the same time are slim, but if it happens, I'll be on him and

scratching his eyeballs out with the fingernails he'd never allow me to grow.

Who'll be running away then?




P.S. It's X-Day. I'm not dead, neither is anyone else. I want my money back,

and Stang, you can pay for the therapy I have to go through because of my

past year's living situation. Living with a certified lunatic doesn't do

one's mind any good.


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