Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: Back from Waco, Texas

From: (Ragin' Pope Angus)

Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 01:29:21 -0600


Howdy Hi There, friends and neighbors.

I just got home from scenic Waco, Texas . . . home of Federal Law

Enforcement blunders galore. I drove down there to infiltrate an Annual

Freemasons Convention and yes, the men's rooms are sporting fresh new

DobbsHead stencils within many stalls. Check 'em out.


In addition to the SUBversive activities, I felt the need to drive out to

Mount Carmel since I mentioned the Branch Dividians in the Cleveland

Rant, and walk on some of the ground they once walked on and where the

tank tracks once tore into the earth.


It's flat. The ground is trying to rejuvenate itself and produce SOME

GRASS. There's a chicken wire fence in bad repair. But if you open your

THIRD eye and listen, you can SENSOdetect the past.


A past where the incompetent bullies from out of state charged in on a

Sunday morning and started a fucking war.


Question: If someone called you and said, "Look out your window and tell

me what you see?" And I saw armored cars, vans and MEN IN BLACK low

crawling to my door, you're damn right I'm going to lock down the place

and issue ammo and weapons.


Usually, a summons is issued by the local sherriff or a constable. Why

then was there a Federal INVASION of the place to ISSUE A SUMMONS or



The soverienty of Texas was violated when 'Old Turkey Neck' Gov. Anne

Richards let the Federals in. She should have been arrested and shot for

that. Losing the re-election wasn't enough for me.


Any-hoo. If you ever get the chance to visit National Parks and

Battlefields like Gettysburg, Shiloh and others, don't forget the growing

number of modern ones, Ruby Ridge; Roby, Ill and Waco, TX..




Ragin' Pope Angus

Our Lady of the Blessed Apocolypse

Research Institute of SexHurt