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Subject: Re: Back from Waco, Texas


Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 02:01:04 -0600


In article <>, (Michelle Klein-Hass) wrote:

> oh-KAY. A commune run by a pedophile which ended in a self-inflicted

> suicide by fire, and a family of white supremacists who were involved

> in terrorism are now Holy Martyrs of Democracy. SHEEyeahright.


> Ruby Ridge was a tragedy in that the sniper got the wrong guy. Waco

> was a murder-suicide, however.


> So, do you think that the peckerwoods who blew up the Murrah Federal

> Building were justified, eh d00d?


Hello. What do you know about Branch Davidians? What would you feel (if

anything) if you were to discover you were very wrong about saying they

committed suicide? Well, you are wrong. They did not commit suicide. They

were also found innocent of murder. (In case you want to know facts). As

you write so casually about a very tragic event, true justice falls in

the streets. You deserve the same justice you give others. I make this

statement thinking of how you mentioned the bombing in Oklahoma. Another

very tragic event, that Branch Davidians have NOTHING to do with,

however, all the dribble drabble of the tv and so-forth has you relating

them. You take what you are fed huh? You are not a self motivated

investigator for facts. You are a sheep. You sit back as so many people

do, in judgment of events and people that you were in no way a part of,

nor knew personally. You so coldly and arrogantly speak as if you

actually know something. You are a fool. The world is the way it is

because of people like you.


You are the same as the racist...the molestor....the murderer...the

rapist. You are no less full of hatred..only you justify your thoughts as

right, and others are wrong. As long as there are people like you (and

there will be! the majority are) the world will only get worse not

better. And thank goodness....there IS a God...(which I doubt you even

believe in...) otherwise I would have to say there is no hope whatsoever.

And no....I'm not a Christian. You do not have to be Christian to beleive

in God.


As a man how a man is.

You let others think for you.


I knew a young girl who was raped by a gang of boys. Before she had the

chance to speak to authorities, the boys had told everyone that she had

willingly given herself to them. They were brutal. They laughed about

what they had done, bragged about it to freinds. Being that this was a

small community, word travelled fast. The mothers on the ladies committee

voted that the girl not go with their daughters to disneyland, as she was

a 'slut'. The entire community 'KNEW' that the girl had flirted and given

herself to this gang of boys, some of them much older, three weeks before

the girl had the courage to tell anyone in her own family. Meanwhile her

reputation was slaughtered by these heartless arrogant people. Eventually

charges were filed. The boys were given a slap on the wrist. They would

smile at the girl and her family when they would see them in public. hey

were proud of what they had done. They got away with it. I wonder if they

raped anyone else. Not only was the girl victimized by the group of young

men, but in a manner, even moreso by the community. I watched all of

this. I know the girl still....her life was destroyed. But hey, the women

on the ladies commitee were just doing what was right, huh? This girl was

a slut right? They had HEARD what she had done....right? And besides, she

probably seduced these young men. Afterall, she was 12 years old! The

justice system failed her. The mother attempted to try them as adults

because of the severity of the rape. The same district attorney who ten

years later wanted to try two 12 year olds as adults for starting a fire

in an upscale private club, denied the mother this, stating that the boys

would be harmed if they went into an adult prison. Apparantly he thought

a fire where no one was harmed was a more justified reason to try two 12

year olds as adults. But no...not 6 boys (2 of which were 16) who

brutally raped a 12 year old virgin. Yep....I knew the family. I knew the

girl....she was my sister.


I learned several things. The foremost thing I learned....was NOT to

judge situations without strong evidence. I was shocked at the people in

the community...who acted so heartlessly towards a scared little girl.

They never heard my sister's voice, they never cared to hear her side of

the story. They already tried her, judged her and scentenced her. But

they heard the gossip generated by those boys...assassinating my sister.


There is a very strong similarity between what happened to the Branch

Davidians and what happened to my sister. You can try to argue that

David Koresh was this and that...but it is still not fact. Only

gossip...only what you heard. And who are you...or I to judge him? A dead

man who cannot even defend himself? What you THINK he did does not

justify the deaths of the people. Does not justify who is really to



You see, you are no better than those people. The people who judged my

sister were no better than the boys who raped her.


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