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Subject: Re: Back from Waco, Texas


Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 23:39:03 GMT wrote:

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> (Michelle Klein-Hass) wrote:


>> oh-KAY. A commune run by a pedophile which ended in a self-inflicted

>> suicide by fire, and a family of white supremacists who were involved

>> in terrorism are now Holy Martyrs of Democracy. SHEEyeahright.


>> Ruby Ridge was a tragedy in that the sniper got the wrong guy. Waco

>> was a murder-suicide, however.


>> So, do you think that the peckerwoods who blew up the Murrah Federal

>> Building were justified, eh d00d?


>Hello. What do you know about Branch Davidians?


until now, mercifully, nothing. but yer gonna fuck all that up, right?


> What would you feel (if

>anything) if you were to discover you were very wrong about saying they

>committed suicide?


I would feel a triumphant WRONGNESS blossoming forth from me because

I had come near, my "Bob", to thee. How would you feel if I crapped in

your hat?


>Well, you are wrong.


wow. a serendipitous outpouring of cleansing truth! I feel as if I

could shit ALL OVER AGAIN!!! Thanks!


>They did not commit suicide. They

>were also found innocent of murder. (In case you want to know facts). As

>you write so casually about a very tragic event, true justice falls in

>the streets.


if you want a gig writing pulp stories and penny-dreadfuls, I have a

job for you... no shit. You write like my dead uncle sam used to talk

before he died. We had to take the fireplace brush out of his mouth a

lot. he was a pretty funny guy, but we didn't think he meant to be.


>You deserve the same justice you give others.


is this a pyramid sceme? 'cause if it IS, they're illegal 'cause only

the top three or four tiers get any justice, but the last few people

in the chain spend lots of justice and don't make any back. By the



> I make this

>statement thinking of how you mentioned the bombing in Oklahoma. Another

>very tragic event, that Branch Davidians have NOTHING to do with,


Prove it!


>however, all the dribble drabble of the tv and so-forth has you relating

>them. You take what you are fed huh?


Well, sure, but ya better leave that justice green alone, i hear some

pretty nasty stuff about it....


> You are not a self motivated

>investigator for facts.




> You are a sheep. You sit back as so many people

>do, in judgment of events and people that you were in no way a part of,

>nor knew personally.


You are not a serious investigator of livestock behaivors, or you'd

know that sheep judge mostly grass, and almost NEVER judge events or

people they're in no way part of (is it legal to be part of someone

else? is it ethical? possible, even? besides, like, siamese twins, i

mean...) or don't know personally mostly because even if you TRY to

tell 'em, they don't care. They listen, but they rarely understand,

unless you speak sheep, and even then they usually don't remeber much,

except grass. Now, what were we talking about?


> You so coldly and arrogantly speak as if you

>actually know something. You are a fool. The world is the way it is

>because of people like you.


oh. yeah. that. and people like you. and ME. you and yer serious adult

butthole pals with yer weird agendas and bizzare ulterior motives do

indeed crap up the planet a bit, but hey, yer a fucking monkey, so i

forgive you, but don't plan on making a habit of it, chim-chim... I

ain't gonna be here to burn yer dirty diapers for ya ferever, ya know!


>You are the same as the racist...the molestor....the murderer...the



All that at once? I sure hope you got a discount as a volume buyer!


> You are no less full of hatred..only you justify your thoughts as

>right, and others are wrong.


If you really don't see any difference between a hateful thought and

rape, do me a favor... c'mere, and bend over....


> As long as there are people like you (and

>there will be! the majority are) the world will only get worse not



Another serious historian who's gonna tell us about one shining age of

peace when Fonzie strode the earth like a god, and cola douches rid

wayward angels and fallen flowers from lives of quiet desperation?

NOW who's being silly? Or have you been watching the 700 Club again?

Someone tell you that silly shit on TV, hmmm?


>And thank goodness....there IS a God...


Prove it.


>(which I doubt you even

>believe in...)


I don't have to "believe" or have "faith". As a SEVERLY inferior

being, you have no way of understanding this, butI have an intimate

personal KNOWLAGE of the conciousness that is the control curve on the

fractal of our omniverse, and you know what? We don't like you!

Why do all you fucking nutcases have to blame your crazy shit on a

supernatural agency outside yerself? Why not just claim to be the

Boogator of Smoob, and demand tribute? Anyway, are you gonna kill a

chicken and play with it's entrails now? That superstition shit is



>otherwise I would have to say there is no hope whatsoever.

>And no....I'm not a Christian. You do not have to be Christian to beleive

>in God.


Better not let THEM hear ya say that... those guys BURN people who

think differently, if they catch you. I suggest lying. They fall for

it every time. Except when they don't. And torture you.


>As a man how a man is.


Where do you GET this shit? If how I think were how I am, YOU would be

just so many sausages right about now, because I THINK I would have

killed, butchered, clean, and stuffed you already!


>You let others think for you.


well, I WOULD, but I've met these so called OTHERS, and they seem

pretty much like all the rest, and since they're even stupider than I

am, what would be the point?


> Apparantly he thought

>a fire where no one was harmed was a more justified reason to try two 12

>year olds as adults. But no...not 6 boys (2 of which were 16) who

>brutally raped a 12 year old virgin. Yep....I knew the family. I knew the

>girl....she was my sister.


Are you certain one of the boys wasn't a Branch Davidian? Or a mormon?

Or some other kind of nut who thinks GOD will forgive them?


>I learned several things. The foremost thing I learned....was NOT to

>judge situations without strong evidence. I was shocked at the people in

>the community...who acted so heartlessly towards a scared little girl.

>They never heard my sister's voice, they never cared to hear her side of

>the story. They already tried her, judged her and scentenced her. But

>they heard the gossip generated by those boys...assassinating my sister.


This whole story reeks like a troll in a sauna. No REMOTELY rational

person would post such a thing here. If it's true, why the FUCK didn't

you call the hoardes of HELL ITSELF down on the town? WHY DID YOU NOT




You blew it with the 12 year old thing, and Disneyland. WAY over the

top. If you try this again, say 14 or 15, it's a lot more viable; and

leave out Disneyland - it's an obvious flaw. What kinda asshole tests

trolls out HERE of all places? Is it just because you know you'll get

SOME kind of reaction?


>There is a very strong similarity between what happened to the Branch

>Davidians and what happened to my sister.


That orta teach Koresh not to wear short skirts in front of BATF

officers, or he's just askin' for it!


> You can try to argue that

>David Koresh was this and that...but it is still not fact. Only

>gossip...only what you heard. And who are you...or I to judge him? A dead

>man who cannot even defend himself? What you THINK he did does not

>justify the deaths of the people. Does not justify who is really to



Did they have a warrant? If so, fuck him. Fuck him dead. Oh well.


>You see, you are no better than those people. The people who judged my

>sister were no better than the boys who raped her.


Not only THAT,


I shot Jesus in Reno, just to watch him die! Got some dust or

somethin' in m'damn eye, just as it was happening! I HATE when that

happens, don't you?





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