Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: Re: Back from Waco, Texas

From: (Michelle Klein-Hass)

Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 18:33:57 GMT


I've gotten some blistering hate mail in my box from my comments about

David Koresh being a pedophile.


I suppose by archaic standards and by the standards of the Islamic

world, David Koresh may not have been a pedophile. Many of his "brides

of the Lamb" were very, very young by American standards...12 and up.

And they were wives in every sense of the word...Koresh fucked them.


Nobody talks about how horribly persecuted Jim Jones and Jonestown

was. And yet, David Koresh did the very same thing. His lieutenants

doused his compound with gasoline and set the compound ablaze for the

self-immolation Koresh often told his followers they would suffer for

the "Kingdom of Heaven's" sake.


In the case of the initial raid...the BATF and the FBI fucked up, big

time. Their handling of this and other situations was ham-fisted and

stoooooopid. But stoooopid doesn't mean malicious. I am no fan of

either Louis Freeh or Janet Reno...but their actions and the actions

of the departments they head are the actions of idiots, not of wily

conspirators. For one thing, at Ruby Ridge, the sniper fucked up so

badly that instead of hitting his target, he hit his target's pregnant

wife. Yet another example of idiotic decisions.


But that doesn't excuse the megalomania of an obvious mind-control

cult leader with a death wish and a wish to take everyone else with

him. I have dealt with mind-control cults in the past. Let's just say

I *earned* the SP4 designation I have the right to, but don't use, in

alt.religion.scientology.xenu. And I have had brushes with other



I am no fan of the US guh-mint. It's got some serious reforming to do,

and the "Money Trail" follies expose a lot of what needs to be

reformed. However, that doesn't mean that I have to embrace a cult

leader who used mind control techniques, had a death wish, and led his

flock into a firey death. David Koresh was as bad as Jim Jones, "Ron,"

that retard Applewhite and his "Heaven's Gate" doofuses, Charles

Manson and others of their like. If you need someone to blame for

Waco, blame the feds for making stoopid moves, but most of all BLAME

KORESH. He knew what he was doing.


And certainly, none of this warranted the blast at Oklahoma City. None

of this warranted the act of a few cowardly men who think that they

are American heroes. None of this warranted babies being crushed to

death by flying concrete.


Think about it.


The Highly Irked APC Catgrrl Nuku Nuku

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