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Subject: So... Who Has the "Weird" Religion?

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* At a September meeting of Christian Coalition leaders in Atlanta,

founder Pat Robertson said the religious group should raise its

political intensity by looking to the notorious machine politics of

Chicago and New York's Tammany Hall as models and that it

would be God who would personally select the Republican best

suited to advance the Coalition's agenda in the next Presidential

campaign. Robertson had begun his remarks by noting that he

assumed he was talking only "in the family" and that if any

members of the press were present, "would you please shoot

yourself?" (The speech was recorded without his permission and

leaked to the press.)


* Catholic priest Donald Kocher , 61, testifying at a deposition in

August in a Chicago-area lawsuit against him and his diocese for

sexual abuse of parishioners, admitted that he had had sex with as

many as a dozen women over a 20-year period. However, he

added, "I've always seen [the affairs] as morally wrong, and I've

always tried to bring them to a conclusion as quickly as I could."


* In September in New York City, federal judge Lewis A. Kaplan

disregarded sentencing guidelines and sent Orthodox Jew Solomon

Sprei to prison for only 18 months for insurance fraud (versus three

to four years, as prescribed). Kaplan cited Sprei's three

marriageable-age daughters, who by law of his Bobov Hasidim

must rely on their father to find husbands for them. Kaplan

declared that the happiness of at least two of them would be

crucially delayed if Sprei were imprisoned for the recommended




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