Subject: Re: The Repercussions of Being Accused

Date: 27 Oct 1997 04:04:49 GMT

From: Bob_Chapman@NOSPAM! (Crazy Bob)

Organization: Brown University, Providence, RI -- USA

Newsgroups: alt.slack

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In article <62vv51$>, !!! felt like

sharing this:


>This morning I went in to work expecting to be busting ass all day on

>this piece for the Muncie Museum. It's due Wednesday. Instead, Paul

>told me that until these charges are cleared up...he can't have me in

>the studio.


My Ghobbs... The CON finally takes the time to snap back at the very

queen of Slack. In the seconds after I read this post my mind quickly

scanned over the arc of posts I've read from MuthaStar and it strikes

me still now even as I write as being quite something quite familiar.

Like the path of a tragedy, maybe a crude post-greek pre-shakesperean

play performed on a street corner. It seems almost like a ballistic

path, but that analysis strikes one who can truly see as inherently

flawed-- it's not quite sanguine and the third nostril can sniff it

out, find the source of the corruption. It's almost like a formulaic,

poorly written movie (or a poorly written formulaic movie, I'm not

quite sure which yet). Why is this? Because it was written out by the

CON, and the CON is the worst fucking hack known.


They want it to look like a natural path, like a parabola, a natural

ascent under the power of an initial thrust but afterward unsupported,

flying too far out of bounds and forsaking the cruel love of the CON

only too fall back to earth due only to gravity and the projectile's

unsupported pretensions of flight. If you look closer, though, you'll

see that it is not just some vulgar rock tossed upward but a glorious

missile projected atop a torch of purest SLACK and it only stops its

catastrophic ascent when the CON catches it in its filament-thin,

almost-but-not-quite-invisible lassoes and starts pulling down, trying

to make it look like an accident, like nature taking its course, but to

anybody who ACTUALLY LOOKS the sham is obvious but most don't bother to

look because they are too lazy and too comfortable to risk the

knowledge of the vision and YES BY DOBBS they fear the loss! The CON

gives us what it gives us only realizing that it gives them control

over us-- that which is given is given only so that its removal can be

held over our heads as a threat.


But what the swinepigz don't realize is that this SLACK MISSILE

contains enough raw megatons to take down at least one pit of their

scheming minions and it will zero in on the source of the ensnarement,

those weilding the filament and strike.


And die in kamikaze glory? Give up its Slackful existence merely to

remove a few insects from the earth, insects who will immediately be

replaced by others far more pathetic and clinging who wait in line?

NAY MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS! NOT to die in the attempt, but to RISE UP

AGAIN like a Phoenix, but not from its own ashes but those of its

enemies and proceed upward AGAIN!


And if the snares should come again, there is no limit to the POWER of

our HATRED and, more importantly, of OUR SLACK!

Fight on, Queen Mutha! Send me a dried earlobe or two to string up.


St Crazy Bob

(Currently soaking Slack from Hurl-- few things there are that are

better than PittsburgPostPunk!!)