From Tue Oct 21 19:07:08 1997

Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: tarot of the subgenius - major arcana 3 - the connie

From: (saint bubba )

Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 02:07:08 GMT


this and the following were some things i worked on in concert with

zach this summer...expanding on the subgenius tarot. needless to say,

it got sidetracked with other projects, obligations, et cetera. now

that the kids are back in school, the yardwok is done, my other stuff

complete, i'm gonna get back at this....what happened was first thing

in the morning and influenced by copious ammounts of caffiene,

nicotine and pot, id rant and rave at poor zach...but anyhell, im

posting this drivel here in hopes my poor brainstem can et back in

gear and mebbe just mebbe i can finish this damnable project.....


The Connie

the Connie represents the inexhausable power of the Luck Plane, with

which she continues to spawn new Slack from Anti-slack. She represents

abnormal fertility, and true connection of the P'Kneel gland to the


Luck Plane.

It is nigh upon impossible to summarize the meanings of the symbol of

Connie, being that she continually recurrs in infinitely varied form.

"Many throned, many-minded, many wiled, daughter of Zeus" She combines

the highest spiritual needs of the Yeti with the basest material

qualities and urges of the same to produce harmony, and from that, the

rarest of Yeti-Love and OOZ-QUIRT.


She is the infinite source of all Slack,, which expresses our Yeti

potential and our ability to deflect psychick mind probes from outer

space WITHOUT the need of tin foil caps, and lets something arise from

the steaming bowels of the Initiate. This means sex and pleasure on

the physical level, bulldada on the creative level and a willful

control of the Luck Plane on the intellectual level.


She is the Great Mother...known throughought history as Innannna,

Ischtar, Anat, Astarte, Aphrodite, and Demeter. As Gaia and Great



The heraldry of Connie is two-fold: on one side the prairie squid of

tradition feeding its young from the blood of its own heart, and upon

the other, the white satin G-String of the Alchemagynasophocist.


General Divinatory Meanings:

in matters of ones slack, the vortices of Slack smile upon thee.let

your creative side propel you to new heights of bulldada and ranting.

influx of new or "creatively borrowed" Slack. Stealing the slack from

those UNDESERVING of it.


disregard the petty details of the CON's lies and go for the jugular,

riot and tear up the sewers FOR SCIENCE. engage in wild orgies of

transfiguring yeti LUST in public telephone booths. favourably

positioned in the spread, the yeti gene will mutate in zygotes up to

the age of four months to create more subgenius children from even

PINK families.


reversed, this card could show a siphoning of slack from the

questioner via some heinous man in black-like CON zombie, or even the

suppllicants MOTHER. in any case, the positioning wil show where the

slack vampire is attacking and with what the questioner can tilt the

Luck Plane BACK in hir direction. a period of misguided adventures

with FalseSlack. unexplained cases of SWD <spontaneous whisky dick>

afflict seeker in embarrassing situations of carnal yeti love. avoid

public swimming pools and zuchini for next fortnight.


st bubba

15th secular temple

of lenny & squiggy