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Subject: the tarot of the subgenius - major arcana sixteen - the stark fist of removal

From: (saint bubba )

Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 02:07:21 GMT


trump xvi

the stark fist of removal

This card is attribulted to the letter PeE, which means a FIST.

In it's simplest interpretation it refers to the manifestation of the

Luck Plane in it's grossest form. The picture shews the destruction of

the existing corpoRAPE world by the righteous FIRE and SPO'OJ

technology of the Ubermann. This being so, it seems to indicate the

quintessential qualities of the genetically superior SubGenius.


At the bottom of the card, therefore, is shown the destruction of the

old World of the Pink Mollusc by lightning, flames, yeti lust, tofu,

and X-ist death rays. In the right hand corner is the jaws of Dhi's!,

belchi>g pyroflatulence at the root of the conspiracy. Falling from

the corporate tower are the mangled remains of the glorps, deros,

pi>ks and po'buckers, all of which have been smited MIGHTILY by the

stark fist of removal, JHVH-1's cosmic KNUCKLE SANDWITCH. It will be

noticed that they have lost their shapes and HOOman features, more and

more resembli>g the stick-figure clone-bot sheeple they are.


This suggests another <and totally differnt> interpretation of the

card. To understand this, it is necessary to refer to the doctrines of

Yogi, especially those most widely current in Southern Jellystone

Park, where the cult of Shi'ii'ptah'ra'hoor'HOTEP Boo-Boo the

Destroyer, is paramount. Boo-Boo is represented in tryptichs painted

by the mysterious high priest of this anthromorphological cult Doktor

Z??h as dancing upon the broken and twisted bodiesof his devotees

while simutaneously smoking a pipe, face fucking a squid and robbing a

picinic basket. To understand this is not easy for 'unprogrammed'

brain-pans. Briefly, the doctrine is that the ultimate reality <which

is Perfucktion> is SLACK. Hence, all manifestations, no matter how

glorious, how delightful, are stains on the sheets and the lingering

scent of cheap IMITATION perfume. To obtain perfect slack, all

existing conspiracy mindrape drugs and designer jea>s, all forms of

cappucino and prozac, all PINK MEREHUMES must be annihalated. The

sybolic destruction of the mirrored corporate sin office tower may

therefore be taken to mean the SubGenius emancipation from the prison

of the perikls and pitfalls and peachpits and peanutbutterandjelly

sandwich universe which is confining them and stealing thier slack

whilst offering false slack and think cancer tumours in return.


The above should make it clear AS UNTO MUD that SubGenius mysTIKAL

symbols must always be unlearned in a double sense, each contradictory

of its other.There is a direct reference to this card in the Book of

the Gospel of the Holy Ecclestiastical Teaching of the Unknown Man on

the Grassy Knoll. In Chapter 45, verse 462, the goddess Nip<p>le

speaks "invoke me under my manipulations of the ooz-quirt! Slack is

the law, slack under Dobbs. Let not the fools mistake slack; for there

is Slack and there is slack. There is the de-beaked prairie-squid, and

there is the world serpent of false ideals and soul-rape. Choose ye

well, little brained creature! He, "BoB", my pro<ph>fit, hath chosen,

knowing full well the the Law of the Wor, and the great mystery of the

Sale of the ineffable House of JHVH-1."


The dominating feature of this card is the Eye<ieeee> of Dobbs. This

is also the eye of Bo<b>o-Bo<b>o, on the opening of which, according

to the Kult of Yo'ghi, the Chandelier Cell will destroy the Axo-axonic

cell will destroy the Martinotti Cell will destroy the

Macroligmatoryinastic Cell will destroy the WHOLE FUCKING SQUITIN'



Beyond this, there is a special technobabble magickkkkkkal meaning,

which is explained openly only to initiates of the 13013th degree of

the B:.B, a grade so sekrit that it isn't even listed in the

unofficial dokuments of the ordure, and those that even HEAR of it

must commit suic---






Bathed in the efflugence of his mirthfully twinkling EYEs <which now

assumes even a third nostril, that undicated in Atchoo XV> are the

face-fucking bat semen pudding pops bearing an habafropzipulops branch

and the Gleigh!stibblefutz: as in the above quoteation. The serpent is

portrayed as Xnoubious-Da'F'Ly'vi'n'd'gh., which represents the two

forms of desire: what Sclorpenhouse would have called the Will to

Slack-off and the '...or KILL ME'.

General divinatory meanderings

this card shows the abrupt sietimes even shocking perceptions which

cause the existing convictions, CONcepts, and the querents entire

PARADIDDLYDIGM to waver and collapse. This often stars with the fact

and realization that the querent fins s/h/it is repugnant and

unlovable. Struggle. Temptaion of the Pathof Fa;se Slack. Turmoil.

Motor oil. Mazola oil. Destructive OOZ-QUIRT. The querents glorpish

side does battle with the Nental Ife for dominance over the

ABnormality genes.


procrastination to remit funds to "Bob" <suggest to querent that a few

sessions of healthy AcuBeating and Sh'ii'atchoo treatments would help.

Also, removing everything from their billfold and transferring it to

the Foundations Cayman Islands offshore accounts will prove to be VERY

cathartic> weak-willed sheeple-like appraoch to creHatvity.

self-deception in the belief of false slack to be GOOD slack. just

fuckin forget getting out of bed for a fortnight. Avoid women named

Fred. You will lose the belt of your alb in3public, exposing your many

genetailia and the poeple will LAUGH.


st bubba

15th secular temple

of lenny & squiggy